WorkPoint Express version

New minor version of WorkPoint Express. The release is available from Monday 18 June 2018

Edit your document properties from Office

When you have documents stored in SharePoint or WorkPoint, it is now possible to edit the properties (meta data) directly from the office application. You will note a "WorkPoint Express" tab in the ribbon in your office,. Clicking this tab will provide a button that opens your properties.

After editing the properties the document will close and open again. This is necessary to set the updated properties in the SharePoint database.


  • Improved support for upload of large files
  • New version of the third party add-in (Add-In Express) that is used in WorkPoint Express. This is now on version 9.0.4610. The update should solve some issues that have been experienced with WorkPoint Express
  • Fixed issue with PDF files conversion
  • Support for default values when creating new entities
  • Fixed bug that allowed use of underscore ( _ ) as a starting character in foldernames (#18800)
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