WorkPoint 365 Version

This release will be available as "Release Candidate" from Friday, 29 June 2018 and will be available in production from 16 August 2018.

WorkPoint 365 Modern UI

WorkPoint 365 now supports the SharePoint Modern UI interface. This makes it possible to use SharePoint Modern UI features, and has increased the performance of WorkPoint365.

Customers will have the choice between "classic" mode and SharePoint Modern UI. Please click here for more info on Modern UI.

For information on how to upgrade a solution from classic to modern UI, please click here.

Action Management

Now you can control what content that appears on module sites and when it does appear.

For example if you want a set of tasks to be generated on a module site when a stage is changed, or if  you need certain documents available when a new module item is created. Items can also be manually triggered using a special MyTools function.

More info on how to setup of these specific features here.

Integration With Microsoft Groups

The first version of integration of Microsoft Groups with WorkPoint Express is here.

You can now add your Microsoft Office Groups to your WorkPoint Express from the "Sites" tab in WorkPoint Express settings and access your groups in a new tab in the WorkPoint Express interface.

Digital Signature

Now WorkPoint 365 can also make digital signatures on documents. Integrates with third party product Penneo.

More information on setup here.

Intelligent Master Site Synchronisation

Apart from performance improvements this enhancement of the master site synchronisation now offers much more control over items being replicated.

As opposed to just synchronise everything on a master site to module sites, this feature enables you to customise how individual lists are replicated from the master site to the module sites. Maybe you just need to replicate a view on a single list, in which case you can switch all other items off. Your replication will be much faster and take less system resources.

More info on how to set it up is available here.

And with this version all modules come with a Master site by default.

Nintex workflows replication

It is now possible to replicate Nintex workflows from master sites to the entities sites, as part of the mastersite synchronisation.

More useful options with templates

Use Word templates for emails in WorkPoint Express
Now we have expanded the use of Word templates to emails as well. By tagging the Word templates with a special tag, you can also make use of these templates when using the right-click "send email" feature in WorkPoint Express. And it supports mail merge fields, so you can now merge WorkPoint data right into your emails.  

Merge lists into tables
You can merge data from lists on a site into Word documents. Useful for example if you wish to report on a project task list, you can then merge the task list into your document.

Email Manager Rules

Create and manage rules to clean up in journals and archive - make it easier to attain GDPR compliance when using Email Manager.

For configuring this, follow this guide.

Improvements and bugfixes

Product improvements

  • New grid view in partner portal
  • Add new column to license (Number of additional production solutions)
  • Show/Hide stage deadline field in wizard based on content type field link setting
  • Improved performance in wizards


  • Bug in external sharing when using one site collection per entity
  • Taxonomy picker in wizards fails when selected anchor term has same name as parent term
  • Site admin check fails if the site col administrator is set through an AD group
  • System fields shows on parent lookup picker
  • Copying a value for a multi user field fails on Master site if context is different site colletion.
  • Error in master site sync if a inherited field is used in a calculated field formula
  • Error in resume create site collection if create has initially failed
  • Slow performance in certain lookup fields
  • StoreFile in WebAPI only supports App1
  • SiteCol maintenance does'nt assign SiteCol to business module in database
  • Scheduled Jobs (Penneo Digital Signature) has none Title, Start or end
  • After export, there has been a change in EditFormLis
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