WorkPoint 365 Modern UI

SharePoint Online modern user interface (UI) is now available (as of August 2018) for WorkPoint 365.

The new modern UI should give the users a better overview and a more modern interface experience matching the current design standards. It also improves the options for integration of WorkPoint 365 solutions with SharePoint Online.

Below we describe the most important changes in the structure.

The WorkPoint action menu

  1. The WorkPoint action menu can now be opened by clicking on the home-icon on the top-left corner.

The WorkPoint 365 help menu

The help menu of WorkPoint, encompassing a link to the WorkPoint Support Centre and a function for cleaning the browser cache (2), can now be found within the footer of the WorkPoint action menu. Click the “Need help?” (1) on the bottom of the panel.

Business Modules buttons

The buttons for the Business Module lists (1) are now integrated in the SharePoint site panel (2), which can be found on the left side on the UI on the home site. Business modules can still be found within the WorkPoint action menu (see top of article).

Business module views

Different views for the single business modules can be found within the WorkPoint action menu while clicking on the arrow next to the according business module title. A general overview of all items can be reached by clicking direct on the title of the business module.


The buttons of the MyTools tab (1) were moved to a bar in the top right corner (2). Further actions can be found within the dropdown “all action” on the right.

Action of sub groups can be found in sub menu within the dropdown “all action.

Business module entity metadata

The information about the business modules entities (e.g. a company or a project) is now placed within an extra header.

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