Updating your WorkPoint 365 solution from Classic to Modern UI

NOTE: Upgrading a WorkPoint 365 from classic to modern UI requires extensive knowledge of WorkPoint 365! This should only be performed by trained WorkPoint consultants!

For upgrading a WorkPoint 365 solution you require Office 365 tenant administrator privileges.  

Follow the steps below.

Activate Targeted Release for everyone (This is required to access a new feature called API Management in the SharePoint Preview Portal. I can take up to an hour before it applies.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Consent to the following WorkPoint API’s (both is required to run Modern UI):
  2. Go to your WorkPoint Administration and open Site Collection Administration from the left menu and give the needed consent if not already done.
  3. From WorkPoint Administration Open Update from the left menu. Check that Current Version is at least If not click Update
  4. If updated to version or higher click Install Modern UI
  5. You now have the following options:
    1. Install Modern UI (Installs the Modern UI Application package on all WorkPoint site collections for the current solution)
    2. Create a new modern page on Master Sites (Activates the Site Pages Feature on master sites and adds a new empty site page on the master site)
    3. Overwrite Master site Default Page (Makes the new site page the Homepage for the Master Site)
    4. Enable Modern UI (Enables Modern UI for all supported SharePoint sites and makes WorkPoint use a new legacy design for SharePoint sites not yet converted to New Experience.

By only Installing Modern UI, you can start configuring your Modern UI solution and still have the users presented for the classic experience

Next you have should go to SharePoint Administration and click Try the preview in the top.

If you have completed step 1 (the consent), you should see API management in the left menu

In API management you should Approve the following API’s:

  1. WorkPoint365.WebAPI
  2. EMM365.WebAPI

You can now go to your WorkPoint Site Collection and start configuring your Modern Site Pages

Please make sure that the Site Pages Feature is Activated on the root site and all master sites

To add a new modern site page click Add a page or go to the site pages gallery and a add new page from here

You can now start to configure the page. The best way to find the WorkPoint webparts is to expand the Webpart selector and look for the webparts in the Other category. But any Modern Webpart can be used:

Use master site synchronization to push your changes to all entity sites. Please make sure that the Replicate features checkmark is set.

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