Merging lists from sites into Word templates

It is possible to get a list from a site (e.g. a task list) merged into a Word template. You will need to make a table in your template for each list you want to merge with. Here is how it is done.

You need to create a table and include some tags that will tell the system how and what to merge. It is important to make the tags exactly with the syntax displayed here:

  1. Name of the list and view to be used. Need to be written in the first cell of the table. A view is not mandatory. If no view is used, the system will default to use the "AllItems" view.
  2. The header line is not mandatory, but will make a lot of sense to the reader of the completed document.
  3. Add tags to determine where the fields from the list should be placed. Note that you need to know the physical field names and you need to match upper/lower case. You can add more than one field in each table cell, and you can include static content as well. You can only have one row with tags and field tags can only be placed here.  You can format the tags and this format will be preserved when the document is created.
  4. Rows beneath can be used for static text or content.

For document lists the fields LinkfileName and LinkfilenameNoMenu will be replaced with links to documents.

For normal lists the fields LinkTitle and LinkTitleNoMenu be replaced with links to properties.

You can insert a link to a list that will be diplayed as a clickable link in the document.

Use this syntax:

Don't forget to add a sensible text in the field "Text to display".

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