WorkPoint 365 Version

WorkPoint 365 version is being released on 15 October 2018

As of Monday 1 October, it has been in release candidate status. This means that all code is complete and no more new features are being built.

New features

The main content of this release are two major new smart features.

Wizard Configurator

This feature lets you configure wizards for multiple purposes. This could for example be used for copying documents between modules. The wizards that can be configured are similar in look and feel to the wizards used when creating a document from a template or managing an incoming email.

Action Management

While this feature is not new, it was released in version, it has already been extended and improved. Action Management is an extremely powerful way of making content appear on sites just when the users need it. For example if you want a set of tasks to be generated on a module site when a stage is changed, or if  you need certain documents available when a new module item is created. Items can also be manually triggered using a special MyTools function. More information on how to configure Action Management is found here.

Document Exchange Management  

While Document Exchange Management not is a feature in the usual meaning of the word, it is a very useful concept that can be created by combining the above mentioned features. Document Exchange Management is enabling users to package selected documents (or emails, images, etc.) from various sites in WorkPoint 365 and copy them to another site. Read more about the concept here.

Please note: the Wizard Configurator and the Action Management features are not included in the existing WorkPoint 365 Basic, Business or Enterprise license plans. Please contact WorkPoint for prices.

Improvements and Bugfixes


  • Improved performance of document creation wizard
  • Hidden "Connect to Group" where in may not be used in WorkPoint 365
  • Converted Modern UI to SharePoint Framework 1.6


  • Fixed bugs in Modern UI:
    • Modern UI provisioning only working on English site collection
    • Language not synchronising to navigation menu (#20096)
    • Quick Launch menu not synchronising correctly (#20247)
    • WorkPoint Modern UI List WebPart - Link Title is not showing (#19998)
    • Fixed bug in creating favourites
    • Fixed bug with document ID when copying using SharePoint "copy to" function (#20397)
  • Fixed bug in CreateModule (#20154)
  • Fixed bug in joblock check in security replication job handler
  • Title is showing twice in views on new modules created without at template (#20312)
  • Fixed bug in mail merge
  • Fixed bug with creating sites function in Web API
  • Fixed bug with mastersite does not use root site language settings
  • Fixed bug with missing bindings for Lookup- and User fields in Wizard dialogs
  • Removed WorkPoint 365 template sets sample terms from provisioning templates to eliminate unstable SharePoint term service
  • Fixed bug in Home menu: "Workpoint home" link does not trigger a full site reload on some business modules
  • Fixed bug with meta data in Action Management trigger
  • Fixed Change Stage Reference error in OpenWizard
  • Fixed bug in bread crumb rendering
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