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The Wizard Configurator is a tool where you can build and configure wizards to manage processes in the WorkPoint 365 solution. Each wizard can be started with a default set of parameters. Dependent on the wizard configuration, the wizard can be launched from either MyTools, WorkPoint Express or from the Modern UI command bar.

The wizard configurator is available in WorkPoint 365 from version

Below is an example on how can be used.

Concept and Terminology

A Wizard consists of a chain of Wizard Flows. The chain can have one or more Wizard Flows. A Wizard Flow can have one or more Wizard Steps. For each flow there is a predefined set of parameters which the flow supports. In the Wizard Configuration you can provide default values for each of these parameters.

An example could bea wizard named “Copy Documents to Project”. The purpose of the wizard is to select some of documents from a document library on a company site and copy the documents to an underlying project document library, converting them to .pdf files in the process.. This wizard consists of two Wizard Flows, “Find / Create entity” and “Copy documents”. The first flow has two steps - "Find Entity" and "Edit / Create Entity" - and the second flow has only step - "Copy Documents" - so this configuration will launch a wizard with a total of 3 steps.

Configuring a wizard

To get started, open the WorkPoint 365 Administration and select “Wizard Configurator” in the left hand menu. This will show you an overview of all your existing wizard configurations. By default, WorkPoint 365 is provisioned with one wizard called “Create Document set”, this is also known as the Document Advanced Wizard, where you can create multiple documents from templates at once.


To add a new wizard, click on the “Add Wizard Configuration” button. The following screen will appear:

Start by naming your wizard (1) and give it a detailed description (2).
You can add localization texts (3) to translate the title and description into your supported languages. To add a localization, select a language in the dropdown list, enter the translated text and click on the plus (+) sign. You can enable/disable the wizard by toggling the “Enabled” option (4).

Some wizards can be started from the SharePoint Modern UI command bar. This option (5) is only available if one of the selected Wizard Flows, in the Wizard Flow chain, implements it and if your solution is upgraded to WorkPoint 365 Modern UI.

As of version 3.1.0, the only Wizard Flow that supports the SharePoint Modern UI command bar is the “Copy Documents” flow.

Some wizards can be started from WorkPoint Express. These are wizards that contains a Wizard Flow which involves processing of an email. WorkPoint Express will automatically detect if you have a wizard that can be started from WorkPoint Express and show a button for it in the Outlook ribbon. A sample wizard that is supported by WorkPoint Express could consists of a Wizard Flow chain with “Pick a candidate”, “Find / Create Entity” and “Email and attachments”.

Now click on the green plus sign (1) to start adding Wizard Flows to your wizard configuration. The Wizard Flow options you have, will change based on the previous selected flow in the chain. As start flow you will have two options today, but dependent on your selection, you will get different options for the next flow in the chain.

Note the different options in the images below.

"Pick a candidate" flow options.

"Find / Create entity" flow options


You can set up parameters for the wizard to make it easier to use.

When you have added all the Wizard Flows you want in your wizard, you can setup the default parameters for the wizard. The list of available parameters depends on the flows you have selected for your chain. The wizard will be launched with the default values you enter here, but users can change the selection when using the wizard.

The parameter values can also be overwritten if you have set up a MyTools button to launch the wizard with a predefined set of values.

As an example we will set up a wizard to find a project in the project module and copy documents as PDF.

For this configuration, we have chosen that the target Business Module should be preselected to Projects (1) and the Copy Operation (2) should be preselected to “As PDF”. Now we can save the wizard and we will see that the wizard "Copy Documents to Project" has been added to the wizard overview.

The new wizard is now ready. You can go to My Tools settings and add a button that will launch your new wizard. Remember if you have chosen to enable the Wizard Configuration on the Modern UI command bar, you will have to run a master site synchronization on the business modules where you want to Wizard Configuration to be available.

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