Document Exchange Management

Introduction to the concept

The concept of "Document Exchange Management" is not a feature in itself, merely a combination of features, making it possible to conduct Document Exchange Management.

Note: It requires WorkPoint 365 version or newer, and the solution must be running Modern UI.

Document Exchange Management is about managing the exchange or transfer of specific documents in specific versions and for specific purposes. Examples could be in a project management setup, managing transmittals. Or in public service or legal matters where you need to manage "right of access" to files or documents (in Danish: Aktindsigt).

Document Exchange Management can be used to manage copying of documents/files between module elements in a controlled way. The system can be used to select, package and send groups of files from one module to another. Furthermore it can lock the sent file for editing, based on events, such as as stage change, or by manual actions.

Hereby you can create a set of files for documentation, official records or other purposes, that cannot be altered and can be made available to select internal or external users.  


Below is a simple example, where a WorkPoint 365 solution is set up with four modules: Clients, Client Contacts, Client Cases and Document Packages. The scenario is one where right of access to documents can be requested on client cases.

When access to documents are requested, the user must create a document package for the requester, containing copies of the documents that the requester need access to.

We will specifically look at a client case called "The Important Johnson case". this case holds certain documents as per the picture below.

First thing to do is to create an element in the Document Package module, called "Package for request 3425":

Transferring documents to the Package requires that a wizard has been configured.

To start the transfer using the wizard, go to the client case document list and select the document(s) that should be copied. Then click the "Send to..." button (1)

Clicking the Send to... button presents the user for available wizards - in this case only one, the configured "Document Package" wizard.

Clicking the "Document Package" starts the wizard.

  1. The business module defaults to "Document Packages, but other can be selected from the dropdown.
  2. We have search for "34" to find the element
  3. The search result
  4. Clicking "Select and Continue" takes us to the next step
  1. Chose which location on the site to place the files
  2. Chose the version of the copied file. Options are "Copy", "pdf" or link.
  3. Note the warning that the Publisher document cannot be converted to pdf. Instead it will be copied.
  4. Decide if documents already existing on the destination should be version updated.

The system will copy the latest version of the documents. If both minor and major versions are enabled the user can chose whether to copy the latest major or minor version.

Clicking "Copy documents" will start the process and the system will redirect to the destination, in this case the Package 3425.

When the package is complete and you don't want to add more documents to it, you may want to lock it for editing. In this case we have used the WorkPoint 365 feature "Action Management" to configure a lock that automatically is set with a stage shift.

Changing the stage of the Document Package from "Preparation" to "Published" will remove edit rights so no user can change the entity or the content.

You can further automate and refine this process by automatically adding a cover sheet based on a template, as well as automatically sending an email alert to relevant stakeholders.

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