Action Management


Action Management is a feature related to Mastersite Synchronisation but far more powerful. Using this feature you can manage what items and content that appears on site and when it does.

NOTE: Do not work with this feature unless you have received proper training in this specific feature!

The feature is divided into 2 major parts, Actions and  Action Triggers.

The Actions which defines what Items to replicate, and

The Action Triggers (which contain the rules you defined), specify when to replicate the items, the selected rules within the trigger defines.  

The feature can be used to make things appear on a site based on events or manually triggered. This could for example be assigning tasks or sending emails based on a stage change, but also more advanced functions. Action Management is one element used to be able to do Document Exchange Management.

An example

Below we will take a look at an example of how action management is being set up. Entering the Action Management administration from the module menu in WorkPoint 365 administration will display two lists - in the example below we have set up three Actions and three Action triggers.

  1. The list of actions
  2. The action trigger list

Looking at the CoverSheet action:

  1. The type is Based on Field Rule
  2. The list with the field is Documents
  3. The field on the list that the rule is based on is ActionTag
  4. The field value in field ActionTag for the action need to be CoverSheet

This action, when triggered, creates a document on the site, called CoverSheet. The document is generated based on a template that is pulled from the WorkPoint template library. This can happen because the system is set up with a link on the master site as shown below. Note the ActionTag field.  

This way, a document is automatically created on the site when the action is triggered. And moreover, the document is based on a template that can be maintained and updated by superusers, making it easy to apply changes.

To trigger the action we have configured a stage change trigger:

  1. The trigger has the CoverSheet actions selected and will execute this when the stage goes from "Collect Documents" to "Ready for shipment".
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