Site Collection Administration

Article published on the 18th of November 2022.


1. Introduction

From the Site Collection Administration, administrators are presented with a site collection overview per WorkPoint solution. The administrator can select which solution to review, and can also create new site collections on the selected solution.

2. Configuration

Site Collection Administration can be accessed from the WorkPoint Administration:

anm0004 - Project Overview - Google Chrome
  1. Click the "Home" button of the solution.
  2. Click the cog icon to access the WorkPoint Administration.
WorkPoint365 Administration - Google Chrome
  1. In the site panel of the WorkPoint Administration, click "Site Collection Administration". This opens the Site Collection Administration page:
  1. You can use the filter options to narrow down your search for specific site collection to find information about:
    • Filter on Business Module: Select a business module on which to look for site collections.
    • Filter on Site Collection status: Select a site collection status. The results will be shown in the list below the filters options.
    • Filter on Server Relative Url: Type in the relative server Url of the site collection you are looking for, e.g., "/sites/anm0026_Projects5".
  2. The results of the search based on the filter options are displayed in the list. It shows information about the site collection(s), such as site count, storage usage, and status.

   2.1. Creating a new Site Collection

This section describes how to create a new site collection from the Site Collection Administration.

Site Collection Administration - Google Chrome
  1. To create a new site collection, click the "Create Site Collection" button. This opens the Create Site Collection page:
Create Site Collection - Google Chrome
  1. Input a title for the new site collection.
  2. Provide a relative URL for the new site collection.
  3. Optionally add a description to the new site collection
  4. Set a maximum storage level in gigabyte for the new site collection
  5. Optionally set a Server Quota for the new site collection.
  6. Click the "Create" button to create the new site collection.

Creating the new site collection takes the user to the following page:

From this page, the user can view the progress of the creation of the new site collection. They can also start a Site Collection Maintenance job from here.

   2.2. Enabling Site Collection Buffer

On the Site Collection Administration page, you can enable site collection buffer.

This is done by clicking the "Enable Site Collection Buffer" button:

Site Collection Administration - Google Chrome
  1. Click the "Enable Site Collection Buffer" button to enable the functionality.
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