Data types for WorkPoint Express content types

When creating an email content type you will need to map data fields in the Email List configuration in WorkPoint Express Settings.

The data types are as follows:

Attachment: boolean

Subject: text (255)

From: text (255)

From address: text (255)

From address Combined: text (255)

To: text (255)

To address: text (255)

To address Combined: text (255)

Cc: text (255)

Cc address: text (255)

Cc address Combined: text (255)

Received: Date and Time

Sent: Date and Time

Size: text (255)

Sensitivity: text (255)

Message class: text (255)

Message ID: text (255)

Conversation topic: text (255)

Conversation index: Multiple lines of text

Body text preview: text (255)

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