WorkPoint 365 Version

WorkPoint 365 version was released on the 12th of December 2018. 

New features

The main content of this release are four new smart features.

Security trimming in relation lists

Using our relation module, it is now possible to implement security trimming for all relations. Previously, the user would have been able to view relations (e.g. related projects) without actual access to the related projects. When clicking on the relation the user would have been denied access. However, now the relation is hidden to user if the there is no access to the related entity.

New search interface for entities in wizard

When search for entities in our wizards it is now possible to provide a more advanced search. E.g. you can now search for all attributes of the entities and further view attributes in the search results. This makes is much easier to find entities.

Data aggregations for relations

It is now possible to create data aggregations for relations similar to data aggregations for entity lists. This makes it possible to

Replication of record management settings

The replication engine in WorkPoint has been extended to support replication of settings related to record management.

Improvements and Bugfixes


Entity Details

MasterSiteSync Needs to Sync List experience

Action Management - Support for .url links

Option to maintain document numbering when moving documents      

Possibility to follow site using MyTools  


Limited number of items to be shown in "bar chart" webpart (#20406) 

Send-to wizard do no automatically set parent                    

Fix regarding button formating when creating new word template (#20597)                    

List Custom Action Buttons are visible for visitors (#20747)                         

Issue with user license count (#20813)       

Site header is appearing on certain sites in ModernUI     

Issue with master site synchronization job

Fix for caching in express panel when using multiple WorkPoint solutions in same browser (#19318)

Document wizard ignorere ikke versioneringsindstillinger (major/minor) på skabelonbibliotek (#19929)

Ensure buffer sites are properly cleaned up when updating buffer with sites

Multiple site creations from buffer sites fails

Fix to prevent parallel running incremental security replication jobs (#19962)

Fix for Type mismatch error in master site sync.

Task Status web part – Error in completed count (#20057)

Fix for document search in express panel when displayed in narrow view (#18927)

MyTools improvements and caching bugfixes

MyTools "All actions" should display all items in first group when clicked

MyTools new document (Non-Wizard button) should respect the "Upload" option.

Fixed issue in relation webpart in Modern UI (#20660)

Add WebAPI Application permission "Read directory data"

Document Advanced wizard fails when adding additional documents (#20766)

Improvement of CSV data import performance (#20823)

People picker does'nt use selection group for field when searching

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