User Guide: Digital Signature

Article published on the 23th of April 2020.


1. Introduction

WorkPoint integrates with a range of digital signature providers; DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Visma, and Penneo.

The integration with the providers of digital signature is facilitated through Microsoft Power Automate and PowerApps. Microsoft PowerApps can be used as a fore-step before sending documents through a Power Automate Flow to the digital signature provider in order to specify the signee of the documents and provide comments for the package. This can be useful in some circumstances, however sometimes you have a certain person who always signs off on documents, in which case the PowerApp step can generally be circumvented.

Please be aware that all PowerApps and Power Automate Flows shown in this article are examples of how these can be set up. There is, as such, no one correct answer for how a PowerApp or Flow for digital signature should be set up.

2. End User Guide

In this example, we will send three documents from the project "Design of Bike0075" for digital signature by two people; Chris Butler and Edward Dean of the company "Anderson's Custom Bikes".

We start in the documents library of the project:

20. We select the three documents we want to send for signing.

21. Clicking the "Send to..." button in the Command bar of the library allows us to run the PowerApp to send the documents for signing:

22. From the selection of PowerApps we click the "Send to Visma Digital Signature" item. WorkPoint provides support for several providers of digital signature; Visma, Penneo, DocuSign, and Adobe Sign.

This opens the following PowerApp:

23. We check the "Signature required" check boxes for the documents which must be signed by Chris Butler and Edward Dean. Whichever documents are not checked are considered supporting documents, which may be important for the signees in addition to the documents to be signed.

24. We need the documents to be signed using NemID, so we select it from the "Signing template" drop down menu.

25. Chris Butler is already added to the list of signees, so we input the information for Edward Dean in the "Signee name" and "Signee e-mail address" input fields.

26. To add Edward Dean to the list of signees, we click the "Add" button.

27. Now that the documents to be signed have been specified, and the required personnel have been added to the list of signees, we proceed by clicking the "Send to Digital Signature" button.

E-mails are now sent to Chris Butler and Edward Dean, with links to a page in Visma where they can log in and sign the documents. the content of the e-mails looks something like the following:

28. The link can be used to go to Visma. From here, the documents can be signed.

Once all documents have been signed, an e-mail is sent to the signees:

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