User Guide: Webpart People

Article published on the 28th of April 2020.


1. Introduction

When working with projects, cases, or other such business areas, easy access to an informative overview of people working in collaboration is important. Having easy access to people working on the same project frees up resources for work in other essential areas.

WorkPoint’s People webpart draws data directly from the current entity. Depending on how the webpart is configured, the webpart shows people working on the same project, case, or other such business case.

The configuration of this webpart is detailed in the Configuration section. As an end user, the selected users to show are shown in list form, with their name, the name of the field specified in the configuration, and picture presented, as shown in the image below:

2. End User Guide

As an end user, the list grants a quick and informative overview of the people working on the current project or case.

Hovering the cursor over a person in the list will produce a window showing additional contact information, as well as a “send an email” icon, which opens the browser’s preferred email client to send an email to the person. This window is shown in the image below:

3. Notes

Please note that this feature should not be used on the root site of the solution. It should instead be used on individual entity sites.

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