User Guide: Event Settings

Article published on the 28th of April 2020.


1. Introduction

When copying documents in WorkPoint, the system automatically tries to copy over the document meta data as well. This may in some cases not be desirable for data in certain fields. Event Settings makes it possible to select certain data fields for which meta data will be set to a default value upon copying.

A case where this may be useful is when working on a quote document. If the quote document should be roughly the same as one that has previously been created, the previous one can be copied. In that case, data such as document title and approval stage should be different on the new document. The system can then be set up to not copy that data over from the previous document, which spends less resources and makes the copying process faster and more efficient.

2. End User Guide

A typical use of this feature is when a document should be copied to another location, but have the meta data from certain fields set to default values. In the following steps, we build further on the example given from the configuration section.

  1. In a document library from where you wish to copy a document, select the document. Note in this example that the “Approval state” and “Document comment”-fields from the example in the configuration section has been added, and data has been filled in for the example document.
  2. Click the “Copy to”-button from the commands panel.

WorkPoint now opens a side panel for copying the document which lets the user browse to the target location for the copied document:

3. Click the target destination of the copied document. In this example, another project has is selected.

4. Select the Documents library on the project.

5. Click the “Copy here”-button to start the copy action.

The result is a similar document in the target documents library, but with “Approval state” and “Document comment”-data set to default values.

3. Notes

Not all field types are supported by this feature. Supported field types are:

  • Text
  • Note (Multiple line of text)
  • Number
  • Choice
  • Multi-choice
  • Date and Time
  • Yes/no choice

Also note that this feature shares license with another feature, the Disabling of Event Receivers feature. You can read more about this feature here.

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