WorkPoint 365 Version

WorkPoint 365 version 3.7.1 is being released on the 26th of May 2020. It contains both the new features, improvements and bugfixes of WorkPoint 365 version 3.7.0, which was rolled out to selected customers since the 28th of April, as well as improvements to both existing and new features and a number of additional bugfixes.

New Features

Alert on Event Log

Event Log Alerts allow administrators to configure alerts for specific events in WorkPoint. Once an alert is triggered in the WorkPoint system, the system can be set up to send an email to a contact person. this can help catch errors and resolve issues quickly.

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WorkPoint Roles

WorkPoint Roles makes it possible for administrators and WorkPoint operatives to assign specific roles to specific users of a WorkPoint solution. These roles determine if the personnel assigned to said roles requires a product license in order to access and operate within the solution. This makes it possible for e.g. a partner to access a WorkPoint solution without triggering one of the customer's paid product licenses.

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Request Forms

Request forms make it possible to request support or purchase additional WorkPoint licenses directly from the WorkPoint Administration itself. A support request can also be created directly from the Event Logging page in the WorkPoint Administration, in which case certain parts of the request form will be pre-filled with incident-specific information.

This should make it easier to provide highly specific and relevant information for the WorkPoint Support Team, such that support can be provided in the most satisfying and efficient way possible.

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Advanced Search webpart

The Advanced Search webpart can be used to navigate a solution based on metadata and predefined search sets of criteria, search queries, and eventually refine the search results.

One use case for the webpart could be a worker in a production facility needing to locate the process guidelines for checking the assembly of an item. The worker can simply enter the name of the item and quickly access the guidelines without having to navigate through the entire portfolio of guidelines or items.

This makes it possible for workers in a specific line of work to search for and access documents about specific areas related to their work without them having access to the entire WorkPoint solution.

The webpart can be highly customized, and can be set up to e.g. only search for documents within specific criteria. Additionally, the webpart can contain multiple search configurations, which can be switched between for searching through various different kinds of entities and documents.

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Compact Stage Rendering Mode

The Compact Rendering Mode is a new rendering mode for stages in the Stage panel. Using the Compact mode, only the previous stages that an entity has been in, the current stage that the entity is in, and the next stage in the model are displayed on the site page.

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Site Collection Sync from Master Site

New options are introduced for synchronizing site Collections based on a Master site. This is useful when synchronizing sites on business modules utilizing the One Entity per Site Collection architecture, and improves on the speed of provisioning and synchronization of these site collections by using templates.

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Improvements and bugfixes


  • Scheduled Job for Master Site Synchronization
  • Support localized View title in Site Creation/Master site synchronization
  • Improve rendering of "New Excel template" Wizard in Tempale Library
  • Improve page load on security settings
  • Extension of WorkPoint Event Log
  • Improved text in search settings
  • TLS support i SMTP receiver
  • Deactivating users in WorkPoint Express license from WorkPoint 365
  • Synchronization of SPFx apps
  • Support for Sigma templates
  • UI elements converted to React and TypeScript
  • Improved stage settings to include more data from content types
  • Improved option to synchronize the Document Library 'New Document' Menu
  • Improved Site collection maintenance to check delete site collections for any change in status
  • Improved option to cancel pending jobs
  • Improved the user experience when launching actions from the 'Send to...' button
  • Improved bucket site collections to now use technical name
  • Improved caching strategy to use 'In memory' caching for some static values like tenant id
  • Improved sending mails from WorkPoint with SendGrid as provider
  • Improved placement of preview in Advanced Search Webpart
  • Improved Advanced Search Webpart to trim duplicate results
  • Improved refiner panel in narrow view in Advanced Search
  • Improved alternate line colors in partner portal
  • Improved create/update entity wizard to use date functions as default date value



  • Microsoft Teams Paging Loop - If tabs channels or applications hit over the page size, you would enter an infinite loop.
  • Random issue when clicking back or duplicate tab in WorkPoint 365
  • WorkPoint 365 UI - Breaks page load in some scenarios
  • Provisioning ReadOnly Site Content Types fails
  • Fixed difference between the titles of Sharing Settings with the one used in SharePoint
  • Fixed a message shown if access denied in relation webpart
  • Fixed an issue with Signup wizard. Now checks licensed production solutions when using license key
  • Fixed audience targeting not set on one-site
  • Fixed document copying through wizard which gave "A file with the name Documents/Change Management Policy.docx already exists." if copied to the same folder.
  • Fixed an error in security settings where Limitation field was displayed by internal name
  • Fixed an issue where rating settings was not set by master site synchronization
  • Fixed a wrong status in log with dataimport
  • Fixed an issue where Multi site site collection setting on module triggered too many sites collections being created
  • Fixed an issue with date format i Modern UI Search webpart
  • Fixed an issue with the Relation web part where it collapsed groups when deleting relation
  • Fixed an issue with check on permission level name in site collection sync, which was case sensitive
  • Fixed an issue with the ZIP index file. It now uses the regional setings in SharePoint to display modified date for files
  • Fixed the translation of command sets
  • Fixed an error in mail merge sending mail using action
  • Fixed a mismatch between pricelist and license portal
  • Fixed a null reference exception error on Associated Member Group in security replication
  • Fixed an issue with MyTools Modern UI Customized action not working in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed an issue with Mail Merge where it changed document when doing mail merge
  • Fixed issue merging document with both vertical and horizontal orientation in Merge to PDF
  • Fixed an issue with file merged as PDF or Zip not triggering aggregation or getting a document id
  • Fixed an issue with 'ÆØÅ' in index with ZIP generation
  • Fixed an issue with people picker in wizards. Now uses debounce searching to avoid too many requests to backend
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