User Guide: My Tools

Article published on the 30th of April 2020.


1. Introduction

The My Tools panel in WorkPoint is located in the top right section of a WorkPoint page (see the red box):

The My Tools panel can be outfitted with customized buttons to perform relevant actions on the current page. If working on e.g. a Projects business module which entities refer to individual projects which utilizes some stage model, a button for changing stage of the entity can be set up and put in the My Tools panel for easy access.

In the case from the image above, two buttons are located in the My Tools panel; the Edit, and the Delete buttons. The "All Actions" drop down menu displays all buttons from the My Tools panel, as well as other standard actions, such as creation actions for documents and events, as well as an option to upload documents.

2. End user guide

Using buttons on from the My Tools panel is as simple as clicking them, granted that they are set up properly. Customized buttons can be placed on the panel itself, or be added to customized groups, which can be accessed by clicking the "All actions" drop down menu:

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