User Guide: Webpart Search

Article published on the 28th of April 2020.


1. Introduction

WorkPoint’s Search webpart can be used in Modern UI WorkPoint solutions. Quick information gathering is important, as it frees up resources for other important tasks. This webpart makes it possible to search across the entire solution, or it can be limited to specific areas of the solution. This helps users quickly find whatever information they need from anywhere on the solution.

A great thing about this webpart is that it is highly customizable. The webpart can be set up to show the columns that you want, and those columns data for the items searched for will show up in the search results.

Other important aspects of the customizability of the webpart is explained in the Configuration section of this article.

2. End User Guide

Once the webpart has been set up properly, users can use the webpart to search through the specified scope. The Search bar takes inputs from the user and presents search results in the section below the search bar.

An example of the usage of the Search webpart is shown in the image below:

In this example, a search query of “Transmittal” has been given. The system searches through the scope and returns whichever items contains the text “Transmittal”. The columns have been set up to show a range of different data, such as Last modified date and document ID.

It is worth noting that more than one search query can be provided at a time. Multiple search queries should be separated by a colon (,). You can e.g. input “Transmittal, [USERNAME]” in order to search for results containing both “Transmittal”, and some user name.

The webpart can be set up to show tasks assigned to the current user using the search query "AssignedToOWSUSER:{me}".

Another example where no search query is given in the search can be seen in this image:

In this example, a base search query of "filetype:docx" was used for base search query in the web part settings.

It is important to note that search is only performed with regards to the columns set up in the webpart. If e.g. the "Author" column is not set up for the webpart, search results containing the search query in the "Author" column is  are not returned.

In effect, this means that the user cannot search for results based on columns not present on the webpart.

At this time, WorkPoint does not support sorting by clicking a column header. Sorting and filtering must be done through search queries. Please visit for more information about search queries and the search query language.

3. Notes

A list of managed properties can be found by following these steps:

1. On the site where the Search webpart is to be added, click the cog-icon in the top right corner of the page.

2. Choose “Site information”.

3. Choose “View all site settings”.

4. From the Site Settings page, choose “Schema” under the Search chapter.

Following the steps above takes the user to the Site Collection Administration – Managed Properties page. Here available managed properties are listed and can be searched through if the user is looking for information about a specific property.

This page is exemplified in the image below:

Often times, one would want the file icon to be displayed in the search results section of the webpart. This can be done by creating the following configuration in the columns-section when editing the webpart:

To insert a link to the parent site of the result, create the following configuration in the columns-section when editing the webpart:

3.1. Feature support White List

WorkPoint supports various search scopes and other settings in the Search webpart. There may, however, also be certain aspects which are not yet supported.

The purpose of this white list is to provide information about which aspects of the Search webpart are supported by WorkPoint - "supported" meaning that these a tested and verified to work.

3.1.1. Search scope

The following search scopes are supported by the WorkPoint Search webpart:

  • Everywhere: Searches across the entire tenant
  • Entire WorkPoint solution: Searches across the entire WorkPoint solution
  • Entity site: Searches through the current entity site
  • Entity site and below: Searches through the current entity site, as well as elements below in the hierarchy

3.1.2. Search queries

The WorkPoint Search webpart supports the following search query aspects

  • Search queries written in the  query language. Information can be found here (external link)
  • Using the wildcard operator (*) to enable prefix matching or fetching all results

3.1.3. Other

The WorkPoint Search webpart supports:

  • Setting Web Part size
  • Selecting number of results to fetch
  • Toggle Compact view
  • Toggle displaying the search bar
  • Toggle loading more results on scroll
  • Adding, moving, and removing columns
  • Sorting results alphabetically
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