WorkPoint Roles

Article last updated on the 27th of June 2022.


Note that the information in this article is related to WorkPoint 365 only.

1. Introduction

WorkPoint Roles makes it possible for administrators and WorkPoint operatives to assign specific roles to specific users of a WorkPoint 365 solution. These roles determine if the personnel assigned to said roles requires a product license in order to access and operate within the solution. This makes it possible for e.g. a partner to access a WorkPoint 365 solution without triggering one of the customer's paid product licenses.

The roles users can be assigned are:

Role Requires license
Admin No
Partner* No
Super User (Requires super user training) Yes
WorkPoint Support** No

Only users in the customer's Active Directory can be assigned to these roles.

*Note that the Partner role has the same full access to WorkPoint 365 as the Admin role.

**The WorkPoint Support role can only be set by WorkPoint operatives. This process is therefore not outlined in this article.

Note that it is possible for one user to have more than one role.

The amount of Partners and Admins that can be set for your solution is determined by your WorkPoint license (Business license, Enterprise license, etc.).

As previously mentioned, Super Users do require a full product license, and have limited access to the WorkPoint Administration.

Super Users can access the following sections of the WorkPoint 365 Administration:

  • Dashboard
  • WorkPoint Express
  • WorkPoint Event Logging
  • WorkPoint365 EULA
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • License information
  • Known bugs

2. Assigning user roles

Assigning user roles can be done from the WorkPoint Administration:

anm0004 - Project Overview - Google Chrome
  1. Click the "Home" button of the solution.
  2. Click the cog-icon to access the WorkPoint Administration.
WorkPoint365 Administration - Google Chrome
  1. In the left side menu of the WorkPoint Administration, click the "Roles" button.

This opens the Roles section of the Administration:

Roles - Google Chrome
  1. User e-mails can be typed into the user field. The field attempts to suggest user e-mails when you start typing.
  2. When one or more users are added to the user field, select a WorkPoint role you wish to assign to the user(s).
  3. Click the "Add" button to add the assigned role to the user in the user field.
  1. Click the "Remove" button to remove the user from the list and revoke the assigned role from that user.

In the following example, additional users have been added as Super Users:

The check-boxes for "Requires License" and "WorkPoint Managed" are indicators, and cannot be set by users.

The number of available user slots per role is determined by your WorkPoint license. If you cannot add more users to a specific role, you may have reached the limit of users which can be assigned to that role.

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