User Guide: Limited Users

Article published on the 28th of April 2020.


1. Introduction

The Limited Users feature allows a WorkPoint Administrator to define normal users and limited users. Limited users are restricted by the system to perform a limited set of actions.

As an example of this, limited users do not have access to the following features:

  • WorkPoint document provisioning
    • Can not:
      • Create documents based on templates
      • Create documents using the WorkPoint document wizard
      • Create document sets
  • Change stages
  • Relation management
  • Business module entity creation and management

A full list of restrictions for limited users can be found in the "List of Restrictions"-section here.

A use case for this feature could be if a production company has a certain amount of users who uses WorkPoint and requires the use of all necessary features, but also has a small amount of users who only on occasion need access to a couple of documents. These users should not have full access to the system, but should be able to access documents in a simple way. The Limited Users feature could be used to define the normal users to have normal, non-restricted access to the system, and define the specific users as limited users.

Another use case could be if a company works with a set of external users, who should not have full access to the system, but should be able to see and edit certain documents.

2. End User Guide

If a user who is defined as a Limited User attempts to perform an action restricted by his status as Limited User, the following window appears:

In this case, and if this is an error and the user is supposed to have access to whatever information or action attempted, the user should contact their local WorkPoint administrator.

3. Notes

Be advised that the number of limited users cannot exceed the amount of limited user licenses for a given solution.

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