WorkPoint Express version

WorkPoint Express version is being released on 13th of December 2018 for production.

New features

The main content of this release are four new smart features.

Quick journalize

This feature makes it possible to journalize one or more e-mails using keyboard shortcuts or context-menu in Outlook. This makes the process of journalizing e-mails even more efficient to the user.

Support for E-mail Conversations (threads)

It is now possible to save e-mail conversations in Outlook directly to WorkPoint using WorkPoint Express. When the conversation has been saved it is also possible to view the e-mails by conversation in WorkPoint Express.

Automatic journalize e-mail after send

When sending e-mail from WorkPoint to an entity (e.g. a project or case), the e-mail can now automatically be journalized on the entity. 

Declare documents as records

You can now declare documents as records directly from WorkPoint. This will lock your documents using in-place record management.

Improvements and Bugfixes


·        Improved error handling during authoring of document templates

·        Support for .xlsb format as templates

·        Support for # and % characters in file and folder names

·        Improved smart file handling


·        Issue with document search in an Office 365 group

·        Issue with locking of system settings (#20890)

·        Issue with e-mail property dialog on SharePoint 2007 (#20062)

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