User Guide: Document Overview

Article last updated on the 6th of May 2020.


1. Introduction

The Document Overview window in WorkPoint Express can be used to perform effective document searches on a solution basis. As opposed to the standard search in WorkPoint Express, searches performed from the Document Overview window can include several search parameters and provides more flexibility.

2. End User Guide

The Document Overview window can be opened from the WorkPoint Express section of the "Home" ribbon in Microsoft Office:

1. Click the "Document Overview" button to open the Document Overview window:

  1. The current site can be clicked to select another site to search through.
  2. The empty text field can be used to provide a search query in text form.
  3. The user can select to only show results of a specific file type.
  4. The user can select to show results with a "modified" date within a specified range.
  5. The user can select to show results only from a specific author.
  6. The user can select to filter results by content type.
  7. Results of the search are shown in the results section.

An example of a search is shown below:

Please note that changing the solution in the WorkPoint Express sidebar does not change which solution is being searched though in this window. Use instead that button in pt. 2.

Please also note that the "Modified" date shown in the Document Overview interface may differ from the "Modified" date in SharePoint. This is due to the fact that the Document Overview utilizes search to find items, which pulls the Modified date from the Office document itself. SharePoint, on the other hand, pulls data from the SharePoint item. As these dates may differ, the shown Modified dates may also differ.

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