User Guide: Mass Mail Merge an Individual Emails

Article last updated on the 6th of May 2020.


1. Introduction

The “Send e-mail” feature of WorkPoint Express can be run in two separate modes; “Single e-mail” and “Individual e-mails”. If an email is sent using the “Single e-mail” mode, a single email can be sent to one or more recipients at once. If emails are sent using the “Individual e-mails” mode, special e-mails tailored for each recipient can be sent at once. This means that the contents of each email can contain certain information in relation to the recipient, which makes the e-mail more personal to the recipient.

2. End User Guide

In order to utilize the “Send individual e-mails” mode of “Send e-mail” in WorkPoint Express, follow these steps:

  1. In WorkPoint Express, right-click an entity for which members you wish to send e-mails.
  2. Select “Send E-mail…” from the menu.
  1. In the “Send E-mail”-window, select “Individual e-mails”.
  2. Select a body text template to use for the e-mail. For more information about how to set up templates with mail merging, please visit this link.
  3. Optionally attach documents to the e-mails that will be sent. You can either drag-and-drop documents onto the attachment field or add one from a template.
  4. Select which users from the entity to send individual e-mails to.
  5. Click the “Preview and Send E-mails…”-button to preview and send the e-mails.
  1. In the “Preview and Send E-mails”-window the arrows can be used to scroll through the generated e-mails to see a preview of each one.
  2. Note the data that have been pulled from both the used template (the subject line) and the entity (the recipient). Attachments will also be displayed here.
  3. A preview of the e-mail with merged fields is shown.
  4. Click “Send E-mails”- to send out the e-mails or click “Cancel” to cancel the sending of the e-mails.

Please be advised that sending out multiple e-mails can take a while. Please allow the system some time to complete the operation and do not shut down your system while the job is running.

3. Notes

For more information about how to set up templates with mail merging, please visit this link.

WorkPoint can use this feature to send 40-50 individual e-mails at once. Sending more than this is generally not supported by WorkPoint.

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