User Guide: Group by

Article last updated on the 11th of January 2022.


1. Introduction

WorkPoint supports SharePoint's ability to group documents and items by specific columns and have them show as expandable groups. This can provide a better overview of documents and other information and make it easy to find whatever information one might need.

This feature works by creating a view with a group by-setting set up for WorkPoint Express to work with. The setup of such a column is shown in the configuration-section of this article.

2. End User Guide

Building upon the example from the configuration section, an end user can access document libraries on projects to see items grouped by the columns that were specified:

  1. In WorkPoint Express, access the business module for which the group-by view was created.
  2. Access a document library for a project in the list.
  3. If the view was not set to be the default view in pt. 6 in the configuration section, we can switch to the view here.
  4. In the list of documents and items, we can see that the items are now grouped by first the “Document Category” column, and then the “Modified by”-column, as was specified in the configuration.
  5. The expanded columns (Document Category and modified by) can be expanded and collapsed by clicking the "+" and "-" buttons to the left of the column headers.

Please note that WorkPoint Express resets to the default view whenever changing library. This means that if the Group by-view was not set to be the default view, the user must switch to it every time they want items to be grouped in this way.

Documents and items can be uploaded to WorkPoint through WorkPoint Express. This feature also makes it possible to automatically have meta data for uploaded items set in accordance with the grouping it was uploaded on. This means that if you upload e.g. a document onto the “Document Category : Checklists” header, the document’s category is automatically set to be “Checklists”.

This works in the following way:

  1. Drag a document or an item from a location and drop the item on the “Document Category”-header. It is important that the item is dropped on the header.
  1. In the Upload-window, note the set approval state of the item to be uploaded.
  2. Click “OK” to upload the item.

Note that the Text Document item is now uploaded under the “Document Category : Checklists” group:

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