User Guide: Webpart Journal

Article published on the 21st of July 2020.


Note that this article is based on a configuration discussed in the configuration guide for the Journal web part.

1. Introduction

The Journal web part in WorkPoint 365 is used for displaying recent activity, either across an entire WorkPoint solution or on a specific entity site.

It offers configuration options, such as a web part title, scope, sources, and how many items to show. These options are described in the configuration guide.

In this article, we will go over an end user guide for the Journal web part.

2. End User Guide

In this example, we have set up a Journal web part which displays the following information:

Design of Bike0128 - Home - Google Chrome

   2.1. Viewing additional information

In addition to the raw outline of recent activity, you can view additional information about each entry in the web part by clicking the title of the entry. In this example, we click the header of one of the Word documents:

Design of Bike0128 - Home - Google Chrome
  1. We click the title of the Word document.
  2. An information window opens which displays the title of the item, as well as the latest activity date.
  3. In case of Word documents, a preview of the document is also displayed in the information window.
  4. The "Link to item" button can be used to open the item that the entry relates to. For e.g. a task, which button would open the task.

   2.2. Filtering

Using filtering you can control which items you view in the Journal web part:

Design of Bike0128 - Home - Google Chrome
  1. Click the "Filters" button to apply filters to the items shown in the Journal web part. This opens the Filters side panel:
Design of Bike0128 - Home - Google Chrome
  1. In the Filters side panel, you can filter the entries by the Author/Sender of the items.
  2. You can also filter the entries by file types. In this case, we have enabled filtering on docx files. This means that files of docx type will be shown in the web part.
  3. You can filter items based on the last modified date of the items. In this case, we have moved the sliders to filter items from 3 months ago until now. You can also click "Select custom date" to input specific Start- and End dates.
  4. Click the "Close" button to enable the filters and close the side panel. Based on the filters we have set up, we now have the following items shown in the web part:
Design of Bike0128 - Home - Google Chrome
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