WorkPoint Server Version 5.3 (SharePoint 2013) / 6.2 (SharePoint 2016)

This release is available from Friday the 31th of January. WorkPoint Server Version 5.3 (for SharePoint 2013) and 6.2 (for SharePoint 2016).

New Features

New features/improvements

Added PreRender() method to BaseViewPovider and ShowTabPage property to TabPage class.

This makes it possible in custom tab pages (derived from BaseViewPovider) to hide a TabPage before rendering the TabPage.

Added option update incomming email mappings when Business Module Entity is updated


Log to tracelog instead of eventlog when setting requested through ListService doesn't exist


Fixed issue where Share and Sync buttons not visible on initial page load

Fixed Newtonsoft.json.dll reference error when running Penneo TimerJob

Fixed issue where Edit security rule fails if multiple People fields have identical title

Fixes to constraint check

Document fields, Table of contents and Built in Properties updated

Fixed issure where template dialog isn't closing

Translation of save button

CopyDocument customaction for standard doc lib

Show description from content type on MyTools button for template library

Refactored SendSmartEmail to SendEmail Enum

Added Send Email option on Current Item Action type, to reach outlook api

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