Step 4: Creating a site for WorkPoint

Article published on the 22nd of July, 2021.

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1. Creating a site for WorkPoint

We are now ready to add and install WorkPoint 365 on a proper site collection.

Let's start by creating a new site collection for our WorkPoint installation:

SharePoint admin center - Google Chrome
  1. In the "Active sites" page in the SharePoint admin center, click the "Create" button.
  1. In the "Create a site" side panel, click "Other options".
  1. In the "Choose a template" drop down menu, select "Team site".
  2. Select a name for the site. In this case, we name the site "ProjectMngt".
  3. Paste the site name into the site address field.
  4. Select a primary administrator for the site. Inputting a couple of characters into this field will make the system suggest users you can pick from.
  5. Select a language for the site. Note that this cannot be changed at a later time.
  6. Optionally, expand the "Advanced settings" section and select a time zone for the site.
  7. When ready, click the "Finish" button to start creating the site.

Now that the site collection we want to install WorkPoint 365 on is created, we can begin the install process:

2. Disabling NoScriptSite for the site

Microsoft recently published a Major update announcement (MC222880) in the Message Centre for targeted release tenants, informing that they are changing how customized forms work inside SharePoint lists and libraries. This is currently only affecting early release tenants but is expected to roll out to all tenant by the end of November.  

If you have not granted tenant permissions to the WorkPoint Tenant app you need to have your Tenant Administrator disable NoScriptSite. Visit this article for more information on how to disable NoScriptSite. This refers to the app used for for Modern UI and Multi-site collections.

3. Checklist

Before proceeding to step 3 of the installation of WorkPoint 365, please ensure that you have:

□  Created a Classic Team site for WorkPoint (of type Other -> Team Site)

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