User Guide: Batch Update

Article published on the 1st of February 2021.


1. Introduction

Batch Update makes it possible to update multiple items across multiple sites in the same action.

One use case for this feature could be in a project management solution, where a set of task has been assigned to specific person. This person leaves the company and needs to be replaced in the system. All task assigned to this users needs to be reassigned to a new employee.

Another use case could be that every year, all tasks of a specific type on a solution needs to be completed the 1st of April. This year this deadline is moved. Therefore, a WorkPoint user needs to find all tasks of the specific type across sites and update the date.

The feature is configured using both Search Settings and the Wizard Configurator. It can also involve the Advanced Search webpart, but this is not required, as Search Settings can be displayed in the Express Panel.

2. End User Guide

In this use case, we have a set of tasks on various projects in our Project Management solution. Tasks are assigned to various personnel. Some tasks are assigned to a user called Edward Dean, and others are assigned to Chris Butler. Chris Butler recently resigned, and his tasks must be taken over by Edward Dean. We will therefore execute a batch update of all task items which Chris Butler was previously assigned to:

  1. In the Task Search page we set up, we perform a search to find all tasks to which Chris Butler is assigned. We search for the property "assignedTo" and use a value of "Chris Butler".
  2. We select all items by selecting the uppermost checker.
  3. We then click the "Send to" button.

IMPORTANT: Note that if not all elements are shown in the page of results (e.g. if there are more results than showing because of paging), you will be asked if you want to update all items, or only the items selected.

Note that these actions can be performed from the Express Panel as well, if the Search Setting is enabled there.

Task Search - Google Chrome
  1. We then click the Batch Update wizard.
  1. In the Assigned To field in the wizard, we assigned Edward Dean instead of Chris Butler.
  2. We then click the "Update" button.
Task Search - Google Chrome
  1. The wizard lets us know that a number of items will be updated and that this operation cannot be undone

The wizard now updates the selected items. You can follow the process, or you can close the window at this point.

We can now reload the page and see if there are any tasks left with Chris Butler assigned:

  1. We can see that the tasks which were previously assigned to Chris Butler is now assigned to Edward Dean.

If we want to be sure we have changed all tasks, we can perform a new search for Chris Butler's name in the "assignedTo" property:

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