WorkPoint Express Version 6.0.1

WorkPoint Express 6.0.1 is being released on the 26th of March, 2021. The update contains new features, improvements and bugfixes for the WorkPoint Express product.

New features

New Modern UI

WorkPoint Express has undergone significant changes to the user interface. The aim has been to improve the user experience i WorkPoint Express by implementing a more modern look and feel.

Some of the differences can be seen in the following image with the new Express UI on the right:

You can read more about the new graphical user interface in WorkPoint Express in this article.

Embedded web controls

In WorkPoint Express it is now possible to embed web controls such as Microsoft Power Apps directly into the WorkPoint Express interface.

This means that e.g. Power Apps can be displayed directly in WorkPoint Express just as any library or list.

You can read more about this feature in this article.

Document and item previews

Documents and items can now be previewed in the Properties window. This makes it possible to inspect an element without having to open it in its respective application.

You can read more about this feature in this article.

Journal location

When an e-mail is journalized in WorkPoint, the location of where it was journalized can be viewed in the bottom panel of the e-mail.

This ensures that users have quick access to the location of an e-mail without having to navigate down the tree structure of the WorkPoint solution.

Journal location requires an Email Manager license.

You can read more about this feature in this article.

Journalize suggestions

The Suggestions feature in Quick Journalize helps users easily and intuitively select the correct location for journalizing e-mails and attachments. When selecting to journalize e-mails using suggestions, the user is presented with a set of options for where to journalize the e-mail.

These suggestions are based on a set of properties. An example of these properties could be where the user have previously journalized e-mails, and from whom those e-mails were sent. The system is also able to return suggestions based on field mapping setups, e.g. Active Field Mappings and return suggestions from entities based on those setups.

These properties are then weighted in order to provide what the system believes are the best suggestions first, i.e. the system presents the suggestions with the highest weight in a descending order.

Suggestions require an Email Manager license.

You can read more about using suggestions for journalizing in this article.

Improvements and bugfixes


  • WorkPoint Express now runs on .Net Framework 4.7.2
  • WorkPoint Express now uses DotNetBrowser 2.3.0
  • WorkPoint Express now uses Aspose 20.10.0, 20.11.0, and 20.12.0
  • WorkPoint Express now supports TLS 1.2
  • New version of the Express Add-In (9.5.4661)
  • WorkPoint Express now supports OneNote files
  • WorkPoint Express now scales better with the window in which it is located
  • Search results are now shown recursively from the folder in which the search is performed
  • A “Add WorkPoint365 Email content type” button has been added to the E-mail list configuration settings tab
  • The Suggestions window for journalizing now shows expandable and collapsible lists and folders
  • The Quick Journalize window now shows expandable and collapsible lists and folders
  • Preferred dialogues can now be set per root site and business module
  • "Create new element" option added to context menu of lists not of document-list type
  • Long lists in WorkPoint Express now loads more results automatically when scrolling all the way to the bottom
  • Custom links are now shown in Relation context menus
  • The "Properties" option is now shown in Relation context menus


  • The following Zendesk tickets have been solved: #25250, #26873, #26864, #27069, #27060, #27237, #27697
  • Fixed an issue which threw en error when uploading an Excel document through WorkPoint Express when two or more Excel windows were open at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where certain right-click menu did not appear for items found during Search
  • Fixed an issue where the Send Email function did not by default use the "To"-field for receivers
  • Fixed an issue where the scope of Copy Entity Command set was not correctly set to Business Module
  • Fixed an issue where WorkPoint Express would lock the Office Applications while creating new entity sites
  • Fixed an issue where documents would get uploaded to the wrong folder because of a folder being pre-selected by the system
  • Fixed an issue where for Office 365 Groups, lines in the History would not use the correct formatting
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