Disabling of Event Receivers

1. Introduction

During migration of documents from the existing OpenText platform to WorkPoint it is recommended to disable event receivers to optimize performance. A common standard when performing such migration is to disable event receivers for the entire solution, then do the migration, and then reenable event receivers. This is, as previously mentioned, for performance reasons.

WorkPoint is able to specify certain accounts, ignored accounts, for which actions will be ignored by the event receivers. This is done by introducing an account check during initialization of the event receivers. If the account is found in the “Ignored accounts” list, all following code is skipped.

The service accounts can be set up using a hidden interface, for which the administrator needs the URL in order to access.

Because of this, it is advised to think about this as, when migration is needed, it should be done from an ignored account.

2. Requirements

This is an additional feature. If you want this feature for your solution, please contact WorkPoint Sales by email at

Knowledge of the URL to the interface where ignored accounts can be specified is required. This is because this the only way to access these settings.

3. Configuration

When accessing the hidden URL for this feature, the following interface is be shown:

  1. One or more people, a SharePoint groups or Active Directory groups can be chosen as ignored users. It is recommended to create a specific service account and use that one as ignored user.
  2. The administrator can choose to disable event receivers for the SharePoint System Account.
  3. Finalize configuration of the ignored users by clicking the Save-button.

The event receivers should now ignore events triggered by the specified account(s).

4. Notes

It is recommended for this feature to create a specific service account and to use that as ignored user.

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