WorkPoint Express version

WorkPoint Express version is being released on 2nd of April 2019.

New Features

Send e-mails to multiple recipients with personalized content

This feature includes merging of entity data to both e-mail subject, body and attachments. Emails can now be sent on a single- or an individual basis. On individual basis, if sending a mail to 5 individual people, 5 mail merges will be created, such that information from the 5 different recipients can be merged into separate emails.

One case where this feature is useful is if in a recruiting module in WorkPoint one wishes to handle all applicants. Each applicant is added as a child of the recruitment and one can thereby automatically send out individual emails to all or certain assorted applicants with attachments containing further information.

Support for guest users

External guest users can now use WorkPoint Express. This may require extra licenses.

Support for change stage, edit entity and copy entity wizards

New wizards have been introduced to the newest version of WorkPoint 365. These wizards are also usable through the WorkPoint Express interface. The Change Stage and Edit Entity wizards relate to the security system in WorkPoint. The Copy Entity allows you to copy e.g. a Company, should you need a new one that largely resembles an already existing one.

Read more about the security system in WorkPoint here.

Read more about the Copy Entity feature here.

Support for Group By views in list and libraries

WorkPoint Express now supports SharePoint's grouping in list views.

Improvements and bugfixes


  • Excel conversion to PDF has been improved
  • Property dialogues will now show all fields from the display form (showindisplayform)
  • Improved performance while expanding an entity node
  • Support for installation in Windows with Turkish language
  • Improved security trimming
  • Improved breadcrumb for list and libraries
  • Improved support for file types when uploading files from Excel


  • Quick journalize does not support journalized flag (#21139)
  • Error during upload of e-mail with attachment (#21514)
  • Issue with document versioning number (#21836)
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