Known Bugs

Updated 13th of December, 2021

  • The Express Panel is unresponsive in version 3.6.6 and previous versions.
  • For solutions running in classic UI, the tab control does not support the display of views where timeline is enabled.
  • Issues where Inheritance of Managed Metadata fields force SP to render Classic form.
  • The relations web part automatically undo resizing of columns.
  • issues with removing selected terms in multi-value managed metadata fields in wizards. It is possible in the input field, to start at the end of the entered terms and use backspace to delete selections.
  • Issues with MyTools buttons in special cases will be disabled. Refreshing the page will reactivate the buttons again.
  • New buffer sites are not automatically created right after using the "Delete All" button. The Buffer Site Creation job will start running again after the next entity site has been created (this one will be a bit slower until Buffer Sites are created again) or if you click on the "Save" button again.
  • Issues with the List View web part disappear when the email list contains emails with special characters in the subject line.
  • Issue when the flyout menu in the top panel contains too many libraries and lists, no scroll bar is shown.

WorkPoint Express: For WorkPoint 365 solutions provisioned after the release of 3.3.0 there might be issues with WorkPoint Express opening Change Stage, Document Wizards etc. If you experience this issue contact WorkPoint support.

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