Known Bugs

Updated 29th of September, 2022

  • The Express Panel is unresponsive in version 3.6.6 and previous versions.
  • For solutions running in classic UI, the tab control does not support the display of views where timeline is enabled.
  • issues with removing selected terms in multi-value managed metadata fields in wizards. It is possible in the input field, to start at the end of the entered terms and use backspace to delete selections.
  • Issue with automatically closing the PowerApp window when the app closes.
  • Some advanced settings on document libraries are not being included in Master site synchronizations.
  • When Master site synchronization rules are enabled. All site pages are created on new sites when the synchronization rule conditions is not met.
  • Aggregation is not triggered when items/entities are deleted.
  • Issue with Master site synchronization when updating labels on existing terms.
  • Action Management Trigger doesn't work with special characters in conditions.
  • Site collection synchronization doesn't remove permissions for existing users or groups.
  • Issue with running Master site synchronization when there is 25+ lists.

WorkPoint Express: For WorkPoint 365 solutions provisioned after the release of 3.3.0 there might be issues with WorkPoint Express opening Change Stage, Document Wizards etc. If you experience this issue contact WorkPoint support.

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