Known Bugs

Updated 11 october, 2019

  • Active Users are logged two times if they are using diferent case
  • Classic UI - Change Stage is not showing in Business Module list on Page 2 if paging is used
  • Clean up job log after 90 days is not working
  • Command set (e.g. "send to" and "change stage") are not working when using standard list/library web part i Modern UI
  • Dates in documents created with mail merge can be wrong by one day
  • During multi site collection setup an error is displayed "No WorkPoint solutions found"
  • Edit excel templates requires contribute rights to related business modul
  • Error occurs when creating child entity when having special characters on the parent
  • Express Panel and Wizards fails to load on Mac OS and iPad
  • If item creation fails from API no clean up is done
  • In entity details, the field titles are not displayed correctly when they contain special characters
  • Issues with windows screen zoom in wizards
  • Item/Folder child count fails to render on list view web part
  • Links to edit templates not working when sorting template library in classic UI
  • Loading site collection term sets fails on multi site collection
  • Managed Metadata deprecated terms can be selected
  • Missing translation in classic tabview
  • Missing translations of Site Management buttons i WorkPoint Classic UI
  • Missing translations on Change Stage button i WorkPoint Classic UI
  • MyTools and footer menu labels with apostrophe are not displayed correct
  • Not able to save search settings using content types
  • Null ref error in business module site list event receiver
  • Repliace Modern page web part connections doesn't work
  • Replication of OneNote documents doesn't work
  • Refreshing Site collection synchronization management page generates an error after idle
  • Renaming a List Content Type based on a Site Content Type result in errors in the master site sync
  • Search web part missing Managed Meta Data rendering
  • Sharing link groups are replicated by site collection sync
  • Site collection synchronization and provisioing fails if the entity title contains special characters
  • Sites provisioned from buffer sites do not get their groups named appropriately
  • Stage field reference is missing for project solution template
  • Task Overview Web Part - Cannot open items in display form
  • Template Library Edit Link is not working in Edge browser
  • Template Library Edit Link only work if if Title has a value
  • The 'Copy Entity" texts are a mixture of Dutch and English language
  • The create entity wizard does not support default values on managed metadata fields
  • Translation of content types in template library are missing
  • Use of "in Entity title gives problems when using a Wizard
  • When the change stage wizard is called in an end stage, a blank wizard step is displayed instead of an warning message
  • Wizard gives no warning if user or taxonomy fields have invalid data when saving
  • WorkPoint jobs gets stuck, but status remains set to running

WorkPoint Express: For WorkPoint 365 solutions provisioned after the release of 3.3.0 there might be issues with WorkPoint Express opening Change Stage, Document Wizards etc. If you experience this issue contact WorkPoint support.

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