Known Bugs

Updated 3rd of June, 2021

  • The Express Panel is unresponsive in version 3.6.6 and previous versions.
  • On mobile devices, the stage band may not display stage names fully. This issue is especially experienced on mobile device held vertically.
  • Display of the modules list in the left side panel on mobile devices may result in the lower part of the panel missing. This issue is due to an error in SharePoint Framework and we are currently awaiting a solution from Microsoft.
  • For solutions running in classic UI, the tab control does not support display of views where timeline is enabled.
  • Inheritance of Managed Metadata fields forces SharePoint to render Classic form. This issue happens when hiding a Managed Metadata field in the NewForm or if the field are read-only.
  • Other entity support in template Library could be broken for old solutions.
  • Calculated fields with date output can be shown with wrong format in Entity Details.
  • Search settings are referred by title and not id from web parts.
  • Page layout on sections is not synchronized correctly after adding a vertical section to the master site page.
  • Express Panel search doesn't work with entity metadata.
  • WorkPoint list web part missing permission error message.
  • Task Overview Web Part "Add task status" button grayed out.
  • Master Site synchronization can crash when running large jobs.
  • Security replication for Office group can't find group in AAD, if running just after the group has been created. 
  • The Email Manager Web part can have issues with displaying folders and sorting dates.
  • If a Site Collection Admin are being added as a Super User, they get the Super User permissions instead of keeping their Site Collection Admin permissions.
  • The wizards some times launch slightly scrolled down, this causes that some input fields may be overlooked in the wizards.
  • Text areas can in wizards being dragged past the interactive border. It is not possible to resize the text area after it have gone outside the border and a relaunch of the wizard will be needed.
  • In the Relation Web Part card the wrong Boolean value are shown.
  • The Error page you can get when trying to access WorkPoint Administration are linking to the wrong page.

WorkPoint Express: For WorkPoint 365 solutions provisioned after the release of 3.3.0 there might be issues with WorkPoint Express opening Change Stage, Document Wizards etc. If you experience this issue contact WorkPoint support.

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