WorkPoint 365 Version 3.10.0

These notes contain both the new features and improvements of WorkPoint 365 version 3.10.0, which was released for the general release on the 22nd of April 2021 at 19:00 CET.

New Features

Entity Presentation Schemas

When an entity is presented, it is typically a question about showing some properties from the entities in some layout. Further, there is often a demand that this presentation can be customized so that specific sets of fields from the entity can be displayed. With Entity Presentation Schemas it is possible to create layouts using a standard setup which shows a selection of columns from WorkPoint entities, and with a bit of knowledge of CSS, HTML and/or JSON programming, it is also possible to essentially create custom webparts for your WorkPoint entities using either CSS and HTML based Handlebar layouts or JSON based Adaptive Cards.

Visit this article for more information about Entity Presentation Schemas.

Dynamic Site Creation Job Queue

Dynamic Site Creation jobs can now utilize a separate job queue from other jobs (the "Integration" queue) which makes it possible to run site creation jobs in parallel to other jobs. This is especially useful if running very large migration- or site creation jobs on many entities.

User-triggered site creation jobs are put into the standard Synchronous queue with a low priority weight, meaning that user triggered sites for entities will not be delayed due to a large dynamic site creation job.

Visit this article for more information about Dynamic Site Creation, processing settings, and the Integration queue.

Integration Job Queue and running jobs through APIs

Jobs are essential to the performance of WorkPoint 365 solutions. Jobs relate to a wide range of features and functionalities in WorkPoint, and together with job queues they are responsible for actions being able to be carried out in the WorkPoint system.

Once a job is started, it is put into one of two available queues; the standard job queue or the Integration job queue, depending on which job is started and by which method.

The Integration queue is a separate queue typically used for integration and migration related jobs, such as Site Creation jobs. The Integration queue exists such that integration and migration related jobs can be queued without blocking execution of other important jobs running on the WorkPoint solution.

Visit this article for more information about the different job queues and how to run jobs through the different WorkPoint APIs.

Modern UI Caching

Modern UI now features improved caching which results in better overall performance when running WorkPoint solutions with Modern UI.


  • The wpSite field has been made Read-Only.
  • MyTools has been disabled for Foundation licenses.
  • Search Settings has been made a feature which can be controlled via WorkPoint licenses.
  • The Link column type is now supported for search results.


  • Fixed an issue with a missing error message when failing to save a Send Mail Action in Action Management.
  • Fixed an issue where sending an e-mail using the Send Mail action would fail if the same recipient was set in multiple fields in the Send Mail configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where sending an e-mail using the Send Mail action would fail if no recipient was set in the "To" field. The Send Mail action now requires a recipient in the "To" field.
  • Fixed an issue where the Template Filter Field in My Tools button configuration could be set Read Only. That option has been removed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Search webpart did not respect the webpart size setting.
  • Fixed an issue where space was missing between date/time fields and the values in the Entity Top Panel.
  • Fixed an issue where the WorkPoint Administration shows settings for the footer menu on Modern UI solutions.
  • Fixed an issue where Wizards were accessible in WorkPoint Express using Foundation licenses. 
  • Fixed an issue with the List View webpart which would infinitely try to load if the selected view was invalid in some way. An error message is now displayed. 
  • Fixed an issue where the "Go to Site" button at the end of the Copy Entity wizard did not work.
  • Fixed an issue when trying to copy an entity which does not have a site, resulting in exceptions and a "Failed to get web for entity id" error.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not select a field for grouping on the List View webpart.
  • Fixed an issue with Advanced Search where terms  would not shown in the breadcrumb if its name was too long.
  • Fixed an issue where foundation licenses showed other than the "Empty" solution template in the WorkPoint installation wizard.
  • Fixed an issue where the Delete Site function did not mark site to be deleted.
  • Fixed a formatting issue where a warning in the Create Document wizard was written in camel case.
  • Fixed a null reference exception when replicating client side pages.
  • Fixed an issue with the Task Overview webpart where there was no "go to next page" link.
  • Fixed an issue with the Task Overview webpart where the task summary was incorrect if an item limit was set on the view used.
  • Fixed an issue where taxonomy fields in wizards did not sort correctly in reference to the taxonomy store. 
  • Fixed an issue where Grouped View of templates in the Document wizard did not use exact match. 
  • Fixed an issue where the List View webpart was missing a friendly error message if the selected view was invalid.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Log" link on Security Replication did not work if the Replication Job was triggered by an event.
  • Fixed an issue where the Business Module selector was shown when activating duplicate check.
  • Fixed an issue where a "Scheduled" message was printed too many times for alert jobs in the log. 
  • Fixed an issue with an error with empty URL References for some Mac clients.
  • Fixed an issue where SitePages was unselectable in security rules scopes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Discover feature did not set properties when registering site collection. 
  • Fixed an issue where relations merged into a document through a template showed a time stamp in addition to dates. Now shows only dates.
  • Fixed an issue with inheritance of Multiple Taxonomy Field to child module.
  • Fixed an issue where is was not possible to clear the value in a lookup field in wizards.
  • Fixed an issue where the Export/Import Solution Template (Beta) functionality consistently failed.
  • Fixed an issue where inheritance of Managed Metadata fields on large lists failed with the message "Request message is too big".
  • fixed an issue where the aggregation scheduler ran on all modules.
  • Fixed an issue where the Copy Entity Wizard ignored list selection if there was no Copy Settings for the module. 
  • Fixed an issue where the wpStage field would be set to a wrong value if ContentTypeId was set before other field values in when creating or updating an entity through the API.
  • Fixed an issue with a 413-error when calling event receivers.
  • Fixed an issue with Synchronization of Teams Channels from Master Site, which failed when creating channels.
  • Fixed an issue where wrong personnel had access to the Audit Log.
  • Fixed an issue with increases in error message (400) Bad Request from SharePoint.
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