WorkPoint Express version

WorkPoint Express version is being released on 12th of April 2019.

New Features

Settings to show/hide Create Task- and Create Appointment-buttons in right-click menu of WorkPoint Express

In WorkPoint 365, settings to either show or hide the option to create a task or an appointment in the right click menu of WorkPoint Express can now be set.

Improvements and bugfixes


  • Send Email now look at OtherEntitySupport
  • Managed meta data terms can no longer be set is IsAvailableForTagging = false
  • Added Ignore List URL Names
  • Certain lists have been hidden


  • Fixed an issue where email meta data was not set in Email library under certain circumstances (#21861
  • Fixed an issue where an error would appear when trying to archive an email with an attachment (#21914)
  • Fixed an issue where WorkPoint Express did not remember the Solution ID after updating (#21988)
  • Fixed an issue where certain meta data in the browser version of WorkPoint did not show up in WorkPoint Express (#22058)

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