WorkPoint 365 Version

WorkPoint 365 version is being released on 12th of April 2019.

New Features

No new features were introduced with this update

Improvements and bugfixes


  • Added link to app consent in the WorkPoint administration
  • Synchronize list setting for disabling of document property promotion (ParserDisabled property)


  • MyTools settings page fails if any master site list has more than 5000 items (#21693)
  • Issue with export/import page
  • Unable to open templates (#21880)
  • Office 365 Group security rules should only include peoples in the people picker
  • Issue with document sets in Internet Explorer (#21985)
  • Stage deadline is not displayed in wizard (#21962)
  • Issue with security replication when using associated groups in security rules
  • Security trimming of follow site MyTools button
  • Security trimming of relations fails when using WebAPI
  • Site collection provisioning fails if publishing is enabled (#21724)
  • Advanced wizards requires user has permissions to template library
  • Change stage wizard does not reload page on completion (#22073)
  • Issue when using action triggers with managed metadata fields (#22054)
  • Issue with send to functionality on locked documents (#22041)
  • Workflow fails to start during stage change (#22036)
  • Change stage wizard requires value for Title field (#22071)
  • Inheritance not applied when site is created from buffer site
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