WorkPoint Foundation


1. Introduction

2. Requirements

3. List of disabled features

4. Notes


1. Introduction

WorkPoint Foundation is essentially an extremely scaled down version of WorkPoint where several features normally enabled on WorkPoint solutions are disabled.

This solution type is intended to enable quick setup and use of WorkPoint Express. Eventually, the WorkPoint Foundation solution can be extended with all available features.

2. Requirements

Use of a WorkPoint Foundation solution requires a WorkPoint license, as well as a WorkPoint Express license.

3. List of disabled features

This is a complete list of all the features disabled in WorkPoint Foundation.

  • Action Management

Lets the user define jobs for the WorkPoint system to perform automatically under certain circumstances. More Info.

  • Aggregation

Data aggregation lets you aggregate data from a sub-list into module master page. This could for example be used for providing data for reporting purposes.

  • Audit Log

The audit log feature makes it possible to access information from the audit log. More Info.

  • Buffer Sites

Great performance improvements when creating entity sites.

  • Data Import

The import feature allows you to import or update your data in WorkPoint 365.

  • Disclaimer Consent

Force target users and / or group members to accept disclaimer to use system. More Info.

  • Duplicate Check

Define which fields to check for duplicate values whenever a new relation entity is created.

  • Dynamic Site Creator

Dynamic Site Creator creates sites dynamically, based on a caml query.

  • Email Manager

Email Manager makes journalisation of emails a breeze and gives the complete overview of your and your organizations conversations.

  • Export / Import

Tools to export a WorkPoint 365 solution to be imported into another site collection.

  • Express Panel Document Search

Find documents using the Express Panel.

  • Field Mapping

Set up "active items" and "my items" for quick filtering in WorkPoint Express. More Info.

  • WorkPoint Archiving

WorkPoint Archiving.

  • Incremental Security Replication

Schedule incremental security replication.

  • Inheritance

For easy population of documents with relevant data - e.g. publishing supplier information on a project site.

  • Integration

Enable API's to integrate with other enterprise systems.

  • Limited Users

Makes it possible to have users with limited access to the functionally in WorkPoint 365.

  • Master Sites

The import feature allows you to import or update your data in WorkPoint365.

  • Mobile Access

Mobile access provides access to WorkPoint 365 from the WorkPoint Apps on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

  • Multi-Site Collection

Multisite collection management makes it possible for a WorkPoint 365 solution to use several site collections. With multi-site collection management, you can assign one or more site collections to a specific business module. This ensures an optimal performance and flexibility even with large amounts of data. Note that multi-site collection management is important when a solution contains more than 1 TB of data.

  • Nintex Workflows

Support for Nintex workflows.

  • Numerator Service

Give a unique id to all items i.e. business module entities, emails, documents, tasks etc.

  • Office 365 Groups

Integration with Microsoft Office 365 Groups.

  • Penneo Digital Signature

Send documents to Penneo for digital signature.

  • Relations

Creation of relationships between entities across separate modules. Indicates relations between data that wouldn’t normally appear from the system’s hierarchy.

  • Search Page Properties

Entity properties replicated to entity sites for use in search web parts.

  • Security Replication

Highly improved configuration and replication of security settings.

  • Security Rules (Basic and Advanced)

Rules to apply security to entities and entity sites based on rules. More Info.

  • Staging (Advanced and Basic)

Advanced: Adds the option to have stage management enabled on 5 modules. Basic: Allows you to enable stage management on 1 of your modules.

  • Support for SharePoint Themes

With SharePoint Themes it is possible to change the color scheme and logo of your WorkPoint 365 solution.

  • Template Inheritance

Create a document from a template in the template library and inherit information from the template to the new document.

  • Wizard Configurator

The Wizard Configurator is a tool where you can build and configure wizards to manage processes in the WorkPoint 365 solution. More Info.

  • Wizards Advanced

With the advanced wizards you get access to a set of new wizards i.e. create multiple documents from templates and bundle the new documents in a SharePoint document set.

  • WorkPoint 365 Modern UI

Navigate and explore WorkPoint 365 in the New Modern Experience in SharePoint Online.


4. Notes

Please note that some features of WorkPoint Foundation that should be disabled may for the time being be enabled. Some of these may be subject to disabling in the future. Users are advised not to use these features.

Also note that the “Use tab settings” feature should be disabled in WorkPoint Express. You can disable this setting by following these steps:

  1.   In WorkPoint Express, access the settings menu by clicking the three dots icon.

  2.   Click “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

  3.   From the settings menu, navigate to the “Behaviour” tab.

  4.   Uncheck “Use tab settings (only WorkPoint 365)".

  5.   Click the “Close”-button.

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