WorkPoint 365 Administration App Permissions

1. Where can I sign up for the WP365 Administration App permissions?

You can sign up for the API by navigating to one of the following links, depending on which app you want to grant permissions to:

IMPORTANT: Remember to insert your tenant ID into the link!






Office 365 Tenant Administration privileges are required in order to complete the sign-up process.

You can find your tenant ID by following these steps:

The following steps requires:

  1. Windows PowerShell installed.
  2. The AzureAD PowerShell Module installed
  1. Perform a search on your machine for "powershell".
  2. Open Windows PowerShell.
  1. Execute the command "Connect-AzureAD".
  1. Log in to the tenant for which you are looking for the tenant ID.
  1. The tenant ID is listed in the TenantId column.

2. Why do I need the WP365 Administration App permissions?

The WorkPoint 365 Administration App permissions are required if using Modern UI, and if your solution utilizes Multi-site collections.

3. What will I consent to?

When you sign up for the WorkPoint 365 Web API, you also consent that the API can access the following resources in your organization.

   3.1. Read and write all groups

Allows the app to create groups, read all group properties and memberships, update group properties and memberships, and delete groups. Also allows the app to read and write group calendar and conversations. All of these operations can be performed by the app without a signed-in user.

   3.2. Read and write managed metadata

Allows the app to write enterprise managed metadata and to read basic site info without a signed in user.

   3.3. Have full control of all site collections

Allows the app to have full control of all site collections without a signed in user.

   3.4. Sign in and read user profile

Allows users to sign in to the app and allows the app to read the profile of signed-in users. It also allows the app to read basic company information of signed-in users.

   3.5. Read directory data

Allows the app to read data in your company directory, such as users, groups, and apps.

4. Review and remove permission

When signed up you can always review permissions of the API or remove the permissions to the organization’s directory here:

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