WorkPoint Server 5.3.0 (SharePoint 2013)

WorkPoint Server 5.3.0 for SharePoint 2013 is being released on 5th of June 2019.

New Features

  • Added PreRender() method to BaseViewPovider and ShowTabPage property to TabPage class.
    • This makes it possible in custom tab pages (derived from BaseViewPovider) to hide a TabPage before rendering the TabPage.
  • Added option update incomming email mappings when Business Module Entity is updated


  • Log to tracelog instead of eventlog when setting requested through ListService doesn't exist


  • Fixed issue where Share and Sync buttons not visible on initial page load
  • Fixed Newtonsoft.json.dll reference error when running Penneo TimerJob
  • Fixed issue where Edit security rule fails if multiple People fields have identical title
  • Fixes to constraint check
  • Document fields, Table of contents and Built in Properties updated
  • Fixed issure where template dialog isn't closing
  • Translation of save button
  • CopyDocument customaction for standard doc lib
  • Show description from content type on MyTools button for template library
  • Refactored SendSmartEmail to SendEmail Enum
  • Added Send Email option on Current Item Action type, to reach outlook api
  • Fixed issue with inheritance of managed metadata fields
  • Fixed issue with Penneo API.
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