WorkPoint Email Manager Web API Permissions

Article last updated on the 15th of December, 2022.


1. Where can I sign up for the EMM365 Web API?

You can sign up for the API by navigating to this link:

Office 365 Tenant Administration privileges are required in order to complete the sign-up process.

2. Why do I need the EMM365 Web API Permissions?

You only need the EMM 365 Web API if you also have WorkPoint 365, and the API is required if using EMM 365 or the new Modern UI for WorkPoint 365.

3. What will I consent to?

When you sign up for the EMM 365 Web API, you also consent that the API can access the following resources in your organization.

   3.1. Sign in and read user profiles

This permission allows users in your organization to sign into the EMM 365 Web API.

4. Review and remove permission

When signed up you can always review permissions of the API or remove the permissions to the organization’s directory here:

Please note that the WorkPoint Email Manager WebAPI may appear as "EMM365.WebAPI" or simply "WorkPoint Email Manager".

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