WorkPoint 365 Version

WorkPoint 365 version is being released on the 26th of June 2019.

New Features

WorkPoint 365 Project Management Standard Solution

WorkPoint now offers a standard Project Management solution. The solution includes features such as Document Management, Project Plans, Project- and Company stage management, an intuitive dashboard, and many more great features for project management.

People Webpart for Modern UI

Have people show up in solution dashboards with the WorkPoint People webpart. The webpart takes dynamic input from people columns, and displays name, picture, and email addresses of the desired users for an easy overview of relevant people.

Search Webpart for Modern UI

Use the WorkPoint Search webpart in Modern UI to search for and find information. This feature includes four different scopes for searching: Everywhere (entire tenant), Entire WorkPoint solution, Current site and below, and Current site.

Support for Site collection sharing settings in security rules

WorkPoint now supports security rules related to sharing. Sharing security rules enables the system to allow sharing documents and items with specific external people, while blocking sharing with others. The Guide and Configuration of Security in WorkPoint 365 article on details configuration and use of this feature.

More secure storage of Secrets and Connection string in key vault

All secrets/passwords are now located in Azure Key Vault.

New SharePoint add-in with tenant permissions to avoid app stabling of the WorkPoint Add-in

WorkPoint now avoids app stabling on solutions.

Moving sites between site collections (internal tool)

WorkPoint now supports moving site between site collections. This feature requires migration of data. This version supports  all basic areas, such as documents and items with versions and meta data. Advanced areas, such as workflows, usage etc. is not supported at this point.

WorkPoint Foundation solution

WorkPoint Foundation is a down-scaled WorkPoint solution without most features enabled, and with just a simple business module. This feature is used for better navigation in WorkPoint Express.

Various Email Manager features:

  • Search in custom meta data columns through WorkPoint Express for Email Manager

It is now possible to search in custom meta data columns in Email Manager from WorkPoint Express in Email overviews.

  • Right-to-be-forgotten

Administrators can now completely delete Emails.

  • What information has been stored about me?

Administrators can now extract an overview of Emails based on a search.

  • Omit "" unless ""

WorkPoint now restricts the creation and use of certain email addresses and thereby prying into colleagues Emails.

Force default values on specific properties during document copying

When copying a document by standard features in SharePoint all properties will be copied if possible. In some scenarious this is unwanted. WorkPoint now forces default values on specific properties when copying documents.

Per site disabling of event receivers

WorkPoint now supports per site/entity disabling of event receivers. This is generally used for data migration purposes.

Microsoft PowerApps and Flow integration

WorkPoint now supports the integration of Microsoft PowerApps and Flow in WorkPoint solutions.

Microsoft PowerApps is a formula tool for can be used for creating formulas and small applications. PowerApps has a series of connectors which can be used to interface to a wide range of systems.

Microsoft Flow is a workflow product which replaces the standard SharePoint workflows. Microsoft Flow workflows un independently of SharePoint and have, like PowerApps, a series of connectors for a wide range of other systems.

Integration with PowerApps and Flow makes it possible to have one central flow which can be called from each document. In addition, a PowerApps formula can be used to start a flow, thereby opening for users to fill in different parameters.

Improvements and bugfixes


  • Search web part review changes.
  • Schedule Site Maintenance.
  • WorkPoint site columns are added to static managed metadata collection
  • Find AD group on email if multiple groups with the same name exists.
  • Optimize branding upload to all site collections.
  • Handle save conflicts.
  • Improvements to Risk Web Part.
  • Updated SharePoint Framework to 1.8.2.
  • Regimentation of WorkPoint Web Parts.
  • Partner Portal can create WP365 license for customers so they can use Standard Solutions.
  • Modern UI: License checks will now only be run once every day, down from once every hour. This is done to combat long loading times for webparts/pages, if they have been inactive for a while.


  • Site Maintenance Job does not start.
  • MyTools link button option 'Dialog' removed in Modern UI.
  • Content type field link status not synchronized.
  • Unable to create one-site collection per entity sites in Web Api.
  • Typo in Security Settings.
  • Misleading text for when to use incremental scheduled job.
  • WorkPoint Header journal not showing correct information.
  • Synchronize title resources for fields in master site sync.
  • Numerator and inheritance fields not added to content type in master site sync.
  • Typo in WorkPoint365 - ”Lisenseret” corrected to ”Licenseret”.
  • Log type to action management.
  • Problem with language and document provisioning from simple document wizard.
  • Permission issue with creating fields in Copy Documents wizard.
  • Send to functionality copies document incorrectly as link.
  • Security on items  is run incorrectly if it is a yes/no field.
  • Replication of OneNote documents doesn't work.
  • WP365 List View has the same font and fint size as SharePoint standard list view webpart.
  • Default value not correct when synchronizing managed metadata site column.
  • Only show create entity button in wizard if user has add list item permission.
  • Fix for MyTools settings page on link button target.
  • Always run Office365 Group rules regardless the site security mode.
  • External users get error after selecting Point of Contact User in Entity details.
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