Setup Guide for WorkPoint 365

Article updated on the 20th of January 2021.

This article acts as a central hub for each individual step required in setting up WorkPoint.

Installing WorkPoint is a 5 step process. Please ensure that you complete each step in sequence to install WorkPoint successfully.

To help in this regard, we have provided checklists for each step.

Step 1: Prerequisites

Step 1 introduces a few prerequisites which must be in place before proceeding with setting up WorkPoint. Please visit this article for information on prerequisites for setting up WorkPoint 365.

Step 2: Consents

Before installing WorkPoint 365, a series of consents needs to be granted. Please visit this article for information about how to consent to permissions required for WorkPoint 365.

Step 3: Adding the WorkPoint App to your App Catalog

Step 3 includes adding the WorkPoint App to your app catalog in SharePoint, which you can read about in this article.

Step 4: Creating a site for WorkPoint

For step 4 we will create the site on which WorkPoint will be installed. You can read about this step in this article.

Step 5: Installing WorkPoint

In step 5 we will conclude the installation of WorkPoint by installing it on the site created in step 4. You can follow these steps in this article.

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