WorkPoint App with Tenant rights


1. Introduction

WorkPoint offers two versions of each WorkPoint App; a standard WorkPoint App and a WorkPoint App with tenant rights

Using the WorkPoint App with tenant rights eases the installation process of WorkPoint, as it circumvents some steps in the setup phase for multi-site collections.

2. Differences between App versions

As mentioned, WorkPoint offers two versions of each WorkPoint App. The differences between these apps are explained in this section.

   2.1. Differences in permissions

In effect there are no differences between which rights are granted to the different WorkPoint App versions. When installing the WorkPoint App with tenant rights the user consents that the app has permission to access all site collections. The same permission is granted to the standard WorkPoint App when setting it up to handle Multi-site collections, which WorkPoint essentially recommends all solutions use.

Therefore, in effect, there are typically no differences between the permissions granted between the App versions.

   2.2 Installation differences

When using Multi-site collections with the standard WorkPoint App, the WorkPoint App is listed on all site collections located under "/sites", regardless of whether WorkPoint should be installed on the site collection or not. This makes it possible for users to mistakenly install WorkPoint on site collections where it should not be installed.

Installing the WorkPoint App with tenant rights circumvents this, as this app only needs to be installed on WorkPoint's root site collection. This also entirely circumvents the "If utilizing Multi-site and/or One site collection per entity setups"-section of the WorkPoint 365 Setup Guide located here. Additionally, the WorkPoint App with tenant rights reduces the time taken to create new site collections, as the app is only installed on the root site collection of the solution, and not on all new site collections as well.

3. Accessibility

To gain access to the WorkPoint App with Tenant rights, please contact WorkPoint support at

4. Recommendations

WorkPoint recommends that all solutions utilize multi-site collections. Thus, WorkPoint also recommends, when installing WorkPoint, to install the WorkPoint App with tenant rights.

There may be circumstances where multi-site collections are not necessary, e.g. for very simple solutions. In these cases the normal WorkPoint App may be sufficient.

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