WorkPoint 365 Version

Article last updated on the 24th of September 2019.

WorkPoint 365 version is being released on the 24th of September 2019.

New Features

Job scheduler

As Microsoft will deprecate the Azure Scheduler as per September 30th 2019, WorkPoint has developed a new scheduler to control the execution of scheduled jobs. The new scheduler will function similarly as the Azure Scheduler and will not affect any business operations.

Documentation for this feature will be released on a later date. Until then, please email WorkPoint support at for help regarding this feature.

Inheritance from Parent to Child entities

The extension of the Data Inheritance feature will allow users to inherit metadata from a parent entity to a child entity in WorkPoint 365. This is currently possible in WorkPoint Server through a special custom field type. In WorkPoint 365 it is currently possible to inherit additional fields to a child entity through Additional Lookup Fields, but this causes performance issues and is limited to only certain data types. This makes possible better inheritance of important metadata across entities.

Categorized webjobs

WorkPoint is continuously working on improving the performance of our existing products. One of the ways that we have done this is by assigning a priority to all jobs which are initiated within the system by users. The prioritization scheme also distinguishes between long and short running jobs meaning that from now on, high-priority short-running jobs will be executed before any long-running low-priority jobs. At the same time, customers with a dedicated app will now be able to indicate whether their solutions are part of a production environment or a test environment and thus how resources should be split between all environments on their app. This allows for appropriate allocation of resources for all production environments, securing that heavy jobs in test environments does not affect business critical production.

Documentation for this feature will be released on a later date. Until then, please email WorkPoint support at for help regarding this feature.

Extension of Data Aggregation

The Data Aggregation feature has been available in WorkPoint 365 for a long time, and now users will be able to aggregate data from multiple values into one column which will of the same type as the aggregated columns. The extension of the Data Aggregation feature includes adding a new aggregation type called “Union”, which provides users with more aggregation options.  

This brings new data aggregation possibilities.

History view of Stages

Organizations may have multiple stages for entities such as customers and projects, and while all stages may be relevant for the entities in the beginning, some of these may become irrelevant as the projects or the relationship between the organization and the customer develops. The current Stage view displays all the stages that the entity may go through. This can create confusion and, in some cases, misleading information about the entities, as the system displays the entities as having been through all stages while this may not be the case.

The History mode shows only the current stage, as well as stages that the work item has gone through. In case of a work item transitioning to a previous stage, this will also be visible in the History view. This grants a more actual display of the stage history of the project/item and also reduces the information load on the project/item site.

Please visit this link for more information about this feature.

Improvements and bugfixes


  • Improved Replicate Modern page web part connections
  • Improved managing links to help
  • Optimization of license checks for Modern UI components
  • Improved Create modern sites on site collection provisioning
  • Option for selecting default library in document wizard
  • Option to toggle SharePoint header in Modern UI
  • Improvement of Search web part
  • Improved New User Picker in wizard to support external users


During the previous three releases, WorkPoint has introduced a lot of new advanced features such as integration to Teams, integration to Flow and Advanced Security amongst others. This means that the WorkPoint system is now more elaborate than ever. However, the new features have resulted in some errors which we have focused on fixing so that our products remain at high standard.

  • Missing log of jobs started (Aggregation)
  • Improvement of Projects template
  • Exception - "Input string was not in a correct format."
  • Non-required fields becoming required in wizards
  • Fix regarding Office 365 Group security rules
  • Error when translating relations
  • Trigger Security replication job from Aggregation & Inheritance updates
  • Security rules for SharePoint Groups not applied for new items despite Incremental Replication being run
  • If "æ", "ø" or "å" is contained in security rules domain, the letters is not displayed when selecting "Edit security rule"
  • Error on OneSite/Site collection creation - masterpage url for composed look is not set
  • Update modern ui option to ensure client side components ids are correct
  • Event settings doesn't work when copying to same library
  • No title guiding for creating Excel templates in Template Library
  • Retire Page Properties feature
  • Unable to select Limitation Value for security rules with Task Outcome as limitation field
  • Error when replicating page header images
  • No lock icon displayed on records displayed in listview webparts
  • WorkPoint header panel fails if the user has insufficient permissions to the entity.
  • SharePoint app does not support site icons on mobile devices
  • When Edit function is used on a Choice Security rule, unrelated fields are displayed
  • Translations of relation types
  • Add 'no mail merge' warning when documents are added trough search in Doucment Advanced Wizard
  • Site collection is created with newest Modern UI app
  • Deprecated terms are displayed in WPE wizards
  • Stage control resizing title issues
  • Stage wizard cannot handle " in stage title
  • No WorkPoint webparts in Classic UI with multisite collection
  • Unable to view site icons in WorkPoint List View webpart
  • Site field is not added to all content types
  • Custom document templates are ignored
  • Duplicate check throws error when used
  • List webpart collapses when list items are grouped
  • Issue with Template set filtering in document wizard
  • Entity Locked field displayed on irrelevant items
  • Search criteria are reset in WorkPoint Express Panel
  • Synchronize title resources for fields in master site sync
  • Validate site collection language and installed app during SignUp wizard
  • Document search in Express Panel must show filename instead of title property
  • Add stage doesn't copy all fields to new stage content type
  • Flow integration - Test data shows number types that should be string
  • MyTools All Actions not working if only one group is available in the MyTools configuration
  • Dynamic security rules is not applied if no persons are available
  • Error when using Sitr Creation as trigger in Action Management
  • Issue with reinitialization of template library
  • Error in Command Sets when displayed in webparts
  • ParentLookUp picker is not able to preselect values when used in Classic UI
  • Issue with entity creation wizard using elevated permissions
  • Wizard app permission not working for Edit Entity
  • Issue with removing activation condition from security rule
  • Improvement of alert dialogue from wizards
  • Error in Copy Entity wizard
  • Error in language for content types in Template Library
  • Selecting a personal views for a child module in the Home menu goes to a classic view
  • Issues with Property Bag Item load in Internet Explorer 11
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