User Guide: WorkPoint Express Panel

Article last updated on the 27th of April 2022.

Please note: This articles does not surround the installation of WorkPoint Express or the use of WorkPoint Express through Microsoft desktop applications such as Word and Outlook.

For more information about the install process of WorkPoint Express, please follow this link.

For more information about the use of WorkPoint Express through Microsoft applications, please follow this link.


1. Introduction

The WorkPoint Express panel is a side panel of the browser version of WorkPoint which can be used to perform searches and navigate the solution.

2. How do I open the WorkPoint Express Panel?

The WorkPoint Express panel is located near the My Tools panel in the top right corner of the WorkPoint solution:

  1. Clicking the WorkPoint icon opens the WorkPoint Express panel:

3. How do I use the WorkPoint Express Panel?

  1. The arrow icon button lets you search for entities on the WorkPoint solution.
  2. The magnifying glass icon allows you to search for individual documents.
  3. Entities and other items that have been added to Favorites can be viewed bu clicking the star icon button.
  4. Clicking the WorkPoint icon hides the WorkPoint Express panel.
  5. Currently the search is performed across all business modules. If you would like to search within a specific business module of the solution, this can be specified by clicking this handle and selecting the desired module.
  6. The search query can be typed into this field. The search is performed once a search query is entered.
  7. Additional actions for filtering can be accessed by clicking the filter icon button.

Selecting a search result by clicking it will show additional details about the item:

  1. Clicking a search result will allow you to inspect details about the item.
  2. The details are shown in the bottom of the panel.
  3. Clicking the site icon takes you to the site for the inspected item.
  4. Clicking the "Open" button also takes you to the site for the inspected item.
  5. Clicking the "Search in" button allows you to make another search within the inspected item. Here you can search for individual items located on the entity.
  6. Clicking the "Edit properties" button allows you to edit the properties of the inspected item.


4. Examples

In this section, a couple of examples of the usage of the WorkPoint Express are shown.

   4.1. Searching for an entity

In this example, we will search for a project entity called "Design of Bike0106":

  1. The "Search for entity" tab is selected.
  2. A search query of "design" is typed into the search line.
  3. We choose to search specifically in the "Projects" business module list.
  4. The correct entity is clicked to open the details section.
  5. In the details section of the "Design of Bike0106" entity, we can click the Site icon to go to the project site for the entity.

   4.2. Searching for a document

In this example we will search for a document called "Design budget" located on the "Setup on Main Street" project:

  1. The "Search for documents" tab is selected.
  2. A search query for "design budget" is typed in the search line.
  3. The correct document is clicked. Double-clicking the document will download the document to your computer.
  4. In the bottom, the "Edit document" button will open the document in the online version of Microsoft Word for editing.
  5. The "Open" button will download the document to your computer.
  6. The "Edit properties" button will open the edit page for the document properties.

5. WorkPoint Express Panel feature support White List

The WorkPoint Express panel supports different search scopes. This White List is meant to grant a list of features within the WorkPoint Express panel which are supported by WorkPoint - supported meaning that the features are tested and verified to work.

Search scopes

The following search scopes are supported for the WorkPoint Express panel:

  • Entity
  • Document (everywhere, current site, and current site and below)

Other feature support:

  • Viewing and accessing favored entities
  • Filtering search results by various aspects
  • Opening entities from the Express Panel
  • Viewing entity properties in the Express Panel
  • Viewing document properties in the Express Panel
  • Downloading documents from the Express panel
  • Opening PDF documents from the Express Panel in the browser
  • Sorting search results by columns
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