User Guide: Show as Conversations

Article last updated on the 3rd of January 2022.


1. Introduction

Per default, e-mail libraries in WorkPoint Express show all e-mails in a standard list. The "Show as Conversations" feature makes it possible to make WorkPoint Express group e-mails which are part of a conversation spanning over two or more e-mails. An example is shown in the image below:

  1. The Emails library is selected
  2. The "Show as Conversation" feature is active
  3. The small minus icon indicates that the following emails are part of a conversation. The conversation is currently expanded but can be collapsed by clicking the minus icon.

2. User Guide

When the "Show as Conversations" feature is active, users can simply drag and drop multiple emails of the same thread into the Emails library in WorkPoint Express. Thread  of emails in Outlook is denoted by a small arrow next to the email thread, as seen in the image below:

  1. The small arrow lets the user know that this is a conversation spanning over multiple emails.

Dragging and dropping email threads to WorkPoint Express libraries on which the "Show as Conversations" feature is enabled  will store the emails in the library, and show them as conversations, as in the image below:

  1. the user can click the plus-icon to expand the conversation to reveal emails of the same thread.

3. Notes

  1. When journalizing multiple e-mails from the same thread, the system may need to know how to distinguish between the e-mails by name. In this case, choose the “Rename” option. The system will automatically rename each email by adding "(x)" to the end of the email name. "x" will be the number of the email in the sequence. You can eventually check “Do this for all conflicts” if more windows like this pops up.
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