User Guide: E-mail Journalization

Article published on the 15th of December 2021.


1. Introduction

E-mails can be journalized from Microsoft Outlook easily through WorkPoint Express. Journalizing e-mails can be done in various ways, which will be discussed in the following sections.

2. Journalizing an e-mail with drag 'n drop

E-mails can be journalized in e-mail document and e-mail libraries in WorkPoint by simply dragging and dropping e-mails from Outlook to the library in WorkPoint:

  1. Navigate to the library in which the e-mail should be journalized. In this example, an Emails library is used.
  2. Drag an e-mail directly from Microsoft Outlook and drop it in the contents section of the Emails library.

The e-mail is now journalized in the Emails library, and important meta data has been recorded for the e-mail:

3. Journalizing using Quick Journalize

A separate article exists regarding Quick Journalize in WorkPoint Express. Click here to go to that article.

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