WorkPoint Express Version

WorkPoint Express version is being released on the 11th of October 2019.

New features

Entity search via Browser

WorkPoint Express now allows users to more quickly and efficiently search for entities across an entire solution's business modules.

Improvements and bugfixes


  • Support for eml files in e-mail lists.
  • Translations of relation types.
  • In WorkPoint Express search tree, date fields now display time according to the field's configuration.
  • Synchronization with OneDrive.
  • Generate PDF from Word now uses ”HighQualityRendering”.
  • All primary interops are now version 14.
  • New version of Add-in Express (9.4.4644).
  • LoadBehavior set to 3 every time the addin starts up.
  • Entity search through browser
  • Entity properties can now be edited using the edit entity wizard


  • Fixed a bug where the user was asked to fill in a value for a required field but which is mapped when uploading to an e-mail list.
  • Fixed a bug where the name for a file contained the upload date twice when uploaded to an e-mail list.
  • Fixed bugs related to the following bug report IDs: 22999, 23109, 23230, 23476, 23489, 23395,  23674.
  • Fixed a bug where when dragging an item as "Move" the system would make a copy.
  • Fixed a bug with sorting in document lists in relation to date fields
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