WorkPoint 365 Version

WorkPoint 365 version is being released on the 10th of December 2019.

New Features

Improved integration with Microsoft Teams

It is now possible to add WorkPoint webparts to Teams pages in Microsoft Teams. This means that Microsoft Teams pages can display WorkPoint libraries, Risk Matrixes, Task Overviews, and much more.

In this way, WorkPoint integrates more directly into Microsoft Teams, and users can work in WorkPoint directly from Microsoft Teams. You can read more in this article.

Additions to Master Site Synchronization

When performing Master Site Synnchronization in WorkPoint, users can now select to synchronize the Microsoft Teams tabs from the Master Site's Team to child entities. In this way, users can assure that the correct setup of tabs in Teams related to e.g. Projects are always set up automatically. You can read more in this article.

Additions to Microsoft Power Automate (Previously Microsoft Flow) and PowerApps

WorkPoint has developed a set of custom flow steps for Power Automate. These can be used to perform action inside WorkPoint 365 through Power Automate flows. Power Automate flows can no also be triggered by events in WorkPoint through a new flow entry point. You can read more about the integration between WorkPoint and Microsoft Power Automate and PowerApps in this article.

Combine files in PDF

In WorkPoint it is now possible to select one or multiple documents and/or items and combine them into a single PDF file. The file contents are concatenated and an index can be inserted as the first page, providing various information about the files combined, as well as a table of contents. You can read more about this feature in this article.

Create ZIP file

Through WorkPoint it is possible to pack one or more files and/or folders into a zip file with an optional index file. ZIP is an archive file format that supports lossless data compression. This allows users to compress files in a ZIP file to reduce storage usage. The index file is an Html file in the zip, which provides an overview of the archived files. You can read more about this feature in this article.

WorkPoint Discover

When WorkPoint is deployed for a customer, a set of SharePoint sites containing WorkPoint relevant and other important data often exists. This could e.g. be team sites which has previously been used for Project sites or Office 365 Group sites. It could also be sites that needs to exist in parallel to the WorkPoint solution.

With the WorkPoint Discover feature, it is possible to run through all site collections on a tenant and add them to a business module in WorkPoint. In this way, an identical entity is created in WorkPoint, and the site column for the site points to the existing site collection.

You can read more about this feature in this article.

Additions to Action Management

Action Management in WorkPoint has received an update to it's interface. Selecting actions and triggers to add are now done with a drop down menu instead of an ever growing list of available types. Additionally, a couple of new actions and triggers have been introduced. You can read more in this article.

Digital Signature

Previously, WorkPoint supported digital signature for documents and items only through the third party digital signature provider Penneo. WorkPoint now supports Digital Signature through four major providers; Adobe Sign, DocuSign, Visma, and Penneo. This allows WorkPoint to comply with the specific needs of customers when it comes to which service to use for digital signature.

Furthermore, WorkPoint Digital Signature now utilizes Microsoft Power Automate flows and PowerApps. You can read more about digital signature in WorkPoint in this article.

Extended License Information

Extended License Information makes it possible to view all active licenses on a WorkPoint solution. This feature is a free service, and can be unlocked by contacting WorkPoint Support at


WorkPoint does not support renaming of SharePoint Sites URLs.

Improvements and bugfixes


  • Handle OneNote feature in master site sync
  • Use last activity in license check for active users


  • Inheritance to child module fails if parent has more than 5000 child entities
  • Action Management Item Creation gives Item new version on creation.
  • Error during business module creation with Project template.
  • Missing description of  field terms for Group Owners in security  rules.
  • Errors during creation of NO and NL solutions.
  • Error when adding new inheritance choice field for child business module list
  • Wizard in iOS updates frequently when opening.
  • Security Replication: Error in RoleDefinition Comparer
  • Renaming a List Content Type based on a Site Content Type result in errors in master site sync
  • Not possible to create a relation to a list with more than 5000 items
  • Site Collection creation fails if Owner is set to an external user
  • External Sharing settings are not synchronized
  • Search web part missing Managed Meta Data rendering
  • Clean up job log after 90 days is not working
  • Taxonomy in English when editing taxonomy on existing case
  • Group security is not executed if the security rule field is empty
  • Classic UI - Change Stage is not showing in Business Module list on Page 2 if paging is used
  • Wizard gives no warning if user or taxonomy fields have invalid data when saving
  • Links to edit templates not working when sorting template library in classic UI
  • MyTools and footer menu labels with apostrophe are not displayed correctly
  • Error occurs when creating child entity when having special characters on the parent
  • Ensuring Site Management buttons in WorkPoint Classic UI is root web language
  • When the Change Stage Wizard is called in an end stage, a blank wizard step is displayed instead of a warning message
  • Express Panel and Wizards fails to load on Mac OS and iOS
  • New People Picker search uses wrong query text
  • Refreshing Site Collection synchronization management page generates an error after idle
  • Save Types in document wizard does follow user language
  • If item creation fails from API no cleanup is done
  • Change Stage does not work on second page in WP365 Classic UI
  • Problem with site creation when created from Wizard
  • Missing translation in classic tabview
  • The cursor is not released when dragging the Express Panel in Modern UI
  • Inheritance from parent to child does not run when child is created or parent is changed for child
  • Task Overview Web Part - Cannot open items in display form
  • Sharing link groups are replicated by site collection sync
  • Express Panel - Does sometimes not open in WP365 Classic UI
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