WorkPoint Express Version

WorkPoint Express is being released on the 5thth of July, 2021. The update contains new features, improvements and bugfixes for the WorkPoint Express product.

New features

Quick Journalize interface update

The Quick Journalize feature of WorkPoint Express allows users to quickly journalize e-mails from Microsoft Outlook in specified lists on WorkPoint solutions.

The advantage of this feature over simply dragging and dropping an email into a library directly in WorkPoint Express is that other business modules than the active one and the exact entity to journalize to can be easily identified and selected.

The Quick Journalize feature has received a UI update, as well as new options for adding one or multiple destinations to e-mails and attachments before starting the journalizing process. This enables users to journalize multiple e-mails and attachments to different locations quickly and easily.

Visit our user guide for more information on how to use the Quick Journalize feature.

List views and Field Mapping Filters

In WorkPoint Express there are now two mutually exclusive methods for filtering business module lists; using list views, or using field mapping filters. Views work like standard SharePoint views, which can be used to control which items like documents, or elements like cases or projects to display when viewing a library or list.

Field mapping filters work by defining rules for e.g. which items are considered "active". You can then use an "Active items" filter to only view items which fulfill the criteria.

Visit this article for more information about list views and field mapping filters.

Option to stay signed in

The "Stay signed in" feature allows administrators to configure whether users can stay signed in to WorkPoint Express, in order to circumvent various prompts to log in when using various functionalities in WorkPoint Express. WorkPoint Express administrators can use the Stay Signed In feature to allow users to remain signed in to WorkPoint Express, despite credential storing being disabled in Azure AD.

You can read more about the Stay Signed In feature in this article.

Adding sites common to specific groups

In WorkPoint Express, it is now possible to add sites common to specific groups, either local groups or Azure Active Directory groups. This is a useful feature if you organization e.g. have two WorkPoint solutions, but one only being relevant to a select few employees.

It is then possible to create a group for said select employees and add the WorkPoint solution for them specifically.

You can read more about how to add sites common to groups in this article.

Improvements and bugfixes


  • Journal flag is now set client side, to ensure that the flag is set for the current user.
  • Access Control settings in WorkPoint Express now supports Azure Active Directory groups if Active Directory url is configured in Settings -> System -> Miscellaneous -> Active Directory Url.
WorkPoint Express Settings
  • WorkPoint Express now supports recursive entities from WorkPoint 365. Recursive entities will have an arrow icon instead of their standard site icon.
  • Views can now be used on business module list groups, e.g. when viewing projects.
  • DotNetBrowser 2.6.0 is now supported by WorkPoint Express, up from version 2.3.0.
  • "Column default value settings" are now supported for document libraries in WorkPoint Express.


  • Fixed an issue so that list views in WorkPoint Express are now sorted alphabetically instead of by time of creation (ticket #22883).
  • Fixed an issue where the solution selector in WorkPoint Express would disappear (ticket #22856).
  • Fixed an issue where opening a CaseWare file with "æ", "ø", or "å" in the name would fail in WorkPoint Express (ticket #22345).
  • Fixed an issue where an error message would appear in WorkPoint Express if trying to display a list using a view returning too many items (ticket #22827).
  • Fixed an issue where the "Create entity" menu would pop up on a different screen than where WorkPoint Express was displayed (ticket #22315).
  • Fixed an issue where WorkPoint Express would fail to journalize encrypted e-mails (ticket #27984).
  • Fixed an issue where a red cross would appear in the search tree if using a view with grouping enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the WorkPoint system would append "25" after percentage signs in file names (ticket #28226).
  • Fixed an issue where items with content types with "Visible on New Button" disabled would be selectable anyway (ticket #28306).
  • Fixed an issue where destinations were not highlighted with hovering an item over a library in WorkPoint Express (ticket #28509).
  • Fixed an issue where the search functionality for lists and libraries would not return items if inside a large folder structure (ticket #28505).
  • Fixed an issue where entities would not be created with the correct stage/content type if using the SharePoint creation dialog (ticket #28416).
  • Fixed an issue where the "No view" and "No filter" options when selecting how to filter lists in WorkPoint Express has no label (ticket #29036).
  • Fixed various issues with searching in multiple fields, especially number fields.
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