WorkPoint 365 Version

These release notes cover the new features and various improvements in WorkPoint 365 version, which was releasedfor general availability on the 16th of September, 2021 at approx. 19:00 CET.

New Features

Top Panel Redesign

The WorkPoint Top Panel is a key component of all WorkPoint solutions in that it is shown in every page. WorkPoint 365 solutions now have two top panel layout versions; Top panel v1 and Top panel v2. The top panels are used for displaying various information, such as meta data for entities, the My Tools panel, and the WorkPoint Express panel.

Version 1 of the top panel behaves as it traditionally have, and shows entity meta data, the journal webpart, and stage information as in the following image:

Version 2 of the top panel allows for further customization, offering opportunities to get a very different look from version 1. Entity details can be shown using e.g. adaptive cards in a tab, and a stage band shows the stage model of entities:

Along with the visual updates to the top panel, a set of performance issues have also been corrected. You can read much more about the Top Panel and the different versions in this article.

Additionally, the Details Card webpart allows you to embed elements from the top panel directly onto e.g. an entity site, as shown in the following image:

Construction of office building for Ramto A/S - Home-SmallProjects - Google Chrome

You can read more about the Details Card webpart in this article.

Improvements and bugfixes


In this release, we are introducing the following product improvements:

  • When a user sends a support ticket via the WorkPoint administration, WorkPoint receives better information about who requested support. This is an internal improvement which helps WorkPoint support provide better support for customers and partners.
  • The order of documents listed in the "Combine file(s) in PDF" wizard are now sorted alphabetically instead of by date.
  • The WorkPoint Express panel icon has been reverted back to the WorkPoint logo.


  • Fixed a bug where Last Activity date was not set on existing entities with no site.
  • Fixed an issue where the "User Experience" section in the administration pages of new Modern UI solutions were missing some new left menu items.
  • Fixed an issue where security replication jobs could overlap and run simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue which caused a site maintenance job which clears deleted sites to fail.
  • Fixed an issue with localization in the WorkPoint Archiving product.
  • Fixed an issue which could in some instances cause the Send Mail action to fail.
  • Fixed an issue where there was no indication that only the first 100 site collections were selected in the Site Collection Synchronization page. Also added an "All site collections" option for scope.
  • Fixed an issue in Classic UI solutions where users with Create/Delete permissions but not "Edit" permissions could not create new sites or delete existing sites.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Connect to Office 365 Group" action in Action Management would fail when running on a Stage Change trigger.
  • Fixed an issue where the Advanced Search webpart generated corrupted document preview links.
  • Fixed an issue where date formats in Entity Details were displayed in the wrong format.
  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking a task in the Express Panel would open the entity site containing the task instead of the task itself.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Select all" checkbox in the Express Panel search settings disabled the option to send the items for copying.
  • Fixed an issue where the option to enable Last Activity was accessible for solutions running an earlier version of WorkPoint 365 than 3.11.
  • Fixed various spelling mistakes in the error message if wizards failed.
  • Fixed an issue which lead to a Server Error related to localization to business modules.
  • Fixed an issue where replicating content types did not work with the Copy Entity functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Actions in the My Tools panel did not work from the Root site of WorkPoint solutions.
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